Selasa, Oktober 11, 2011

Nescafe hot stories and Nasi Lemak Sotong six years ago

Has long been the intention to keep writing on this topic, thank God given opportunity to lighten your fingers to type this title. Home on leave last semester, a partnership with members of the mosque congregation when the new holiday home is significant and it is a lesson for himself that all of this weak. Hopefully this experience useful together. Stop at a coffee shop which is located not far from a bad teratap my mind six years ago as a transit point and my father before going out into the wholesale market to find the goods business needs. Therein lies a lot of memories to teach me how to socialize and take the hearts of those who for a while. Currently covers the story a bit, my shoulder squeaking. 'DJ how are you? Ustaz ass today? They sat drinking Mai uncle once. Invite a customer of the coffee shop who is also a member of the congregational mosque near there. "Ah ..! This time I can not avoid the 'bermonolog alone, even before this can be avoided after several invited. Order the same as six years ago Nescafe hot and Nasi Lemak Sotong already made. 'Segan think my uncle called Ustaz', my subconscious expression uncle. 'Segan what.? Studying near Jordan Ustaz la 'response to the expression of my uncle just smiled. While waiting for meals ordered and arrived dimeja. Uncle to start a conversation with questions to questions to me and most of the questions in the form view. 'Ouch.! Challenging questions, my Jordan did not want to learn properly. Fortunately, non-refund back vacation as a graduit again ". My heart continued to whisper. This feels himself becoming less and very little with questions that are out of the mouth uncle. I tried to answer and try to explain one by one question which I ask. 'And Allaah knows best'. My words to answer questions after considerable testing earlier in the hope that it does not memesongkan.Habis of the question, I began a dialogue with the questions of the uncle. 'What do uncle of the children of our village people and has completed their studies in the field of religion in particular. I asked seemed to know what is going out of the mouth uncle in the hope of correct answers from the heart. The conversation paused for a moment with regard to our second shop assistant who brought dishes ordered a while ago. "DJ, in fact the question of whether Ustaz is da answer, many times tried to share but not to be '. I felt puzzled and wondered when I heard the words of uncle. 'If the uncle did not mind so I longed to share their uncle listen. I continued my inquiries show the seriousness of curiosity. "DJ, if we are about is, children who study outside the village's and end with a degree already nearly a dozen people. I nodded indicates agree. 'But uncle some wondering where to go for those who we look forward to their return that once we menharapkan they are asking for the reference point for laws and regulations and a shared problem. Sometimes the heart is impeded Satan by thinking of how much money has been invested for the village children who wish to study outside of religion. Not what we sometimes old people are very keen to ni sat with young children, such as clerics, our children so no Ustaz Priyatna, we will first want to study religion did not have the opportunity as now ". Expressions of faith in me uncle started to feel tightness.