Selasa, Ogos 29, 2006

The Legendary of Digg - Kevin Rose - Profile and Biodata

Kevin Rose's profile and biodata:

Full name: Robert Kevin Rose
Birthdate: 21 February 1977 in
Birthplace: California USA[)

Achievement: Founding the social-bookmarking site Digg and as former co-host of the TechTV show The Screen Savers (later Attack of the Show! on G4) until his departure from the network in May 2005.

Not so bad day: He attended UNLV for Computer Science, but dropped out to pursue the 90's tech boom. After dropping out, he worked for the Department of Energy, at the Nevada Test Site, where he was a technology advisor and held a Level L security clearance. He later moved to San Francisco, California, and worked for several dot-com startups through CMGI.

Kevin Rose made $60 millions just in 18 months!

The story of legendary Kevin Rose - The Blossomer of Online Tech-Stuff

Kevin Rose build Digg first in October 2004 as an experiment. Actually the concept of dig is about the make it easier for people to seek about the latest and the most popular tech-related stuff.

Digg is actually named after the word "dig" so it is must to be understand why there is also a word "bury" or "buried story". When people come to, they will actually seek dig for some news, and if they don't like it because of many reason such as spam, piracy or else, they can buried the story. was officially launched at 5 December 2004. Nearly a year later, the site gained a supreme achievements when more than 100,000 members gathered as the users and made hi-profit at about $2.8 millions. Nowaday, there are more than 500,000 users and 8.5 million unique visitors per month.

What Amiene Rev said about Kevin Rose? "He's nothing more than on of my special idol!"