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Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 8

EAMES: He's not scheduled for surgery, no dental, nothing.

COBB: I thought he had some knee thing?

EAMES: Nothing they'd put him under for. Besides, we need a good ten hours.

SAITO: Sydney to Los Angeles. Twelve hours and forty-five minutes-one of the longest flights in the world. He makes it every two weeks...

COBB: Surely he flies private?

SAITO: Not if there were unexpected maintenance with his plane.

ARTHUR: It'd have to be a 747.

COBB: Why?

ARTHUR: On a 747 the pilots are up above, first class is in the nose so nobody walks through the cabin. We'd have to buyout the whole cabin, and the first class flight attendant-

SAITO: We bought the airline. It seemed... neater.

ARTHUR: My question is how we go down three layers with enough stability. Three layers down a little turbulence is gonna translate into an earthquake. The dreams are gonna collapse with the slightest disturbance.

YUSUF: Sedation. For sleep stable enough to create three layers of dreaming... We will have to combine it with an extremely powerful sedative....

YUSUF: Brain function in the dream will be about twenty times normal.

COBB: And when you go into a dream within that dream the effect is compounded.

ARIADNE: How much time?

YUSUF: Three dreams... that's ten hours, times twenty, times twenty, times twenty...

EAMES: Math was never my strong suit.

COBB: It's basically a week one layer down, six months two layers down-

ARIADNE: And ten years in the third level. Who wants to spend ten years in a dream?

YUSUF: Depends on the dream.

ARTHUR: How do we get out once we've made the plant? I hope you've got something a little more elegant in mind than shooting me in the head like last time.

COBB: A kick.

ARIADNE: What's a kick?

EAMES: That, Ariadne, would be a kick.

COBB: That feeling of falling which snaps you awake. We use that to jolt ourselves awake once we're done.

ARTHUR: But how are we going to feel that through the sedation?

YUSUF: That's the clever part. I customize the sedative... To leave inner ear function unimpaired...

ARTHUR: Even that won't cut through three layers of deep sleep.

COBB: The trick is to devise a kick for each level, then synchronize them to get a snap that penetrates all three layers.

COBB: If I get on this plane and you haven't taken care of things... when we land I go to jail for the rest of my life.

SAITO: Complete the job en route, I make one phone call from the plane... you will have no trouble clearing immigration.

Jumaat, April 29, 2011

Notis Saman Bergambar Undang-undang Jalan Raya

Mulai 1 Mei ini, Polis Diraja Malaysia akan menghantar notis saman beserta gambar mana-mana kenderaan yang didapati telah melanggar undang-undang jalan raya di kawasan yang mempunyai rakaman kamera litar tertutup (CCTV).

Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar berkata pihaknya akan menggunakan kaedah itu bagi mengemas kini cara saman dikeluarkan supaya lebih tepat dan berkesan.

"Kalau ada yang dakwa itu bukan kenderaan mereka (walaupun selepas notis saman beserta gambar dihantar), sila kemukakan bukti di mana-mana kaunter trafik," katanya kepada pemberita di Bukit Aman di sini pada Khamis.

Katanya kaedah itu akan diguna pakai bagi kesemua kesalahan termasuk memandu melebihi had laju, tidak memakai tali pinggang keledar, membuat pusingan di kawasan yang tidak dibenarkan dan sebagainya.

Kaedah itu digunakan sebagai 'bahan bukti' bagi menunjukkan seseorang itu telah melanggar undang-undang jalan raya, katanya.

Khalid berkata bagi kawasan yang tidak mempunyai CCTV, saman akan tetap dikeluarkan secara normal oleh anggota dan pegawai trafik.

Dalam pada itu, beliau berkata pihaknya tidak akan teragak-agak mengenakan tindakan tegas terhadap mana-mana anggota dan pegawai polis yang enggan menerima sesuatu laporan polis.

Menurutnya isu tersebut antara yang dibangkitkan dalam mesyuarat 'Delivery Task Force' bagi mengurangkan kes jenayah yang dipengerusikan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin di Putrajaya pada Khamis.

Khalid berkata pengurusan tertinggi PDRM telah menerima banyak aduan mengenai isu tersebut dan masyarakat perlu tampil melaporkan mana-mana anggota yang enggan menerima sesuatu laporan polis.

"Tulis nombor mereka dan catat di mana kes itu berlaku. Kita tidak akan berdolak-dalik dalam hal ini dan akan mengambil tindakan kepada mereka yang enggan mengikut arahan ini," katanya.

Beliau berkata sepatutnya, laporan boleh dilakukan di mana-mana balai dan siasatan akan dilakukan segera dan memanggil individu yang memuat laporan itu bagi membantu siasatan.

Plus Expressway Berhad (PLUS) Tutup Laluan

Plus Expressway Berhad (PLUS) akan menutup laluan kontra dan laluan lorong perlahan secara berperingkat-peringkat di Kilometer 29 hingga 33 di laluan kedua (Linkedua) antara Malaysia dan Singapura. Penutupan itu dari 3 hingga 7 Mei ini bertujuan memberi laluan kepada kerja pemasangan rasuk jambatan di laluan itu.

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 7

EAMES: They come here every day to sleep?

ELDERLY BALD MAN: No. They come to be woken up... the dream has become their reality...

COBB: Don't tell me. Remember, you only want the dreamer to know the layout.

ARIADNE: Why's that so important?

COBB: In case one of us brings in part of our subconscious. You wouldn't want any projections knowing the layout.

ARIADNE: In case you bring Mal in.

ARIADNE: Why can't you go home, Cobb?

COBB: They think I killed her.

COBB: "I WILL SPLIT UP MY FATHER'S EMPIRE." An idea Robert Fischer's conscious mind would never accept. We have to plant it deep in his subconscious.

ARTHUR: How deep?

COBB: Three levels down.

ARTHUR: A dream within a dream within a dream? Is that even possible?

COBB: Yes. It is. Now, the subconscious motivates through emotion, not reason, so we have to translate the idea into an emotional concept. ARTHUR: How do you translate a business strategy into an emotion?

EAMES: Do you play on that? Suggest breaking up his father's company as a 'screw you' to the old man?

COBB: No. Positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. We yearn for people to be reconciled, for catharsis. We need positive emotional logic.

EAMES: We could split the idea into emotional triggers, and use one on each level.

COBB: How do you mean?

EAMES: On the top level, we open up his relationship with his father... Say: "I WILL NOT FOLLOW IN MY FATHER'S FOOTSTEPS." Next level down we've accessed his ambition and self-esteem. We feed him: "I WILL CREATE SOMETHING MYSELF." Then, the bottom level, we bring out the emotional big guns...


Tapisan Keselamatan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia

Pegawai yang dilantik Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA) ke perkhidmatan awam tidak lagi tertakluk dengan tapisan keselamatan untuk pengesahan pelantikan dan pengesahan dalam perkhidmatan.

Panasonic Umum Kurangkan Tenaga Kerja

Panasonic Umum Kurangkan Tenaga Kerja : Syarikat gergasi elektronik - Panasonic mengumumkan pada Khamis bahawa mereka berhasrat untuk mengurangkan tenaga kerja globalnya kepada hanya 350,000 orang staf dalam tempoh dua tahun.

Khamis, April 28, 2011

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 6

ARTHUR: You're going to have to master a few tricks if you're going to build three complete dream levels.

ARIADNE: What sort of tricks?

ARTHUR: In a dream, you can cheat architecture into impossible shapes. That lets you create closed loops, like the Penrose Steps. The infinite staircase. See... Paradox. A closed loop like this helps you disguise the boundaries of the dream you've created.

ARIADNE: How big do the levels have to be?

ARTHUR: Anything from the floor of a building, to an entire city. But it has to be complicated enough for us to hide from the projections.

ARIADNE: A maze.

ARTHUR: And the better the maze-

ARIADNE: The longer we have before the projections catch us.

COBB: We need you there to tailor compounds to our particular requirements.

YUSUF: Which are?

COBB: Great depth.

YUSUF: A dream within a dream? Two levels?

COBB: Three.

YUSUF: Not possible. That many dreams within dreams would be too unstable.

COBB: I've done it before. You just have to add a sedative.

YUSUF: A powerful sedative. How many team members?

COBB: Five.

SAITO: Six. The only way to know you've done the job is if I go in with you.

COBB: There's no room for tourists on these jobs, Mr. Saito.

SAITO: This time, it would seem there is.

Rabu, April 27, 2011

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 5

ARIADNE: Who are the people?

COBB: They’re projections of my subconscious.


COBB: Sure-you are the dreamer, I am the subject. My subconscious populates your world. That's one way we get at a subject's thoughts - his mind creates the people, so we can literally talk to his subconscious.

ARIADNE: How else do you do it?

COBB: Architecture. Build a bank vault or a jail, something secure, and the subject's mind will fill it with information he's trying to protect.

ARIADNE: Then you break in and steal it.

COBB: Exactly.

ARIADNE: Why are they looking at me?

COBB: Because you're changing things. My subconscious feels that someone else is creating the world. The more you change things, the quicker the projections converge on you.

ARIADNE: Converge?

COBB: They feel the foreign nature of the dreamer, and attack-like white blood cells fighting an infection.

ARIADNE: They're going to attack us?

COBB: Just you, actually.

ARIADNE: Mind telling your subconscious to take it easy?

COBB: That’s why it’s called subconscious. I don’t control it.

ARIADNE: Why couldn’t I wake?

ARTHUR: The only way to wake from inside the dream is to die.

COBB: She'll need a totem.


ARTHUR: Some kind of personal icon. A small object that you can always have with you, and that no one else knows.


ARIADNE: Like a coin?

ARTHUR: Too common. You need something that has a weight or movement that only you know.

ARIADNE: What’s yours?

ARTHUR: A loaded die.

ARTHUR: I can’t let you handle it. That’s the point. No one else can know the weight or balance of it.


ARTHUR: So when you examine your totem... You know, beyond a doubt, that you’re not in someone else’s dream.

COBB: Inception. Don’t bother telling me it’s impossible.

EAMES: It’s perfectly possible. Just bloody difficult.

EAMES: What’s the idea you need to plant?

COBB: We want the heir to a major corporation to break up his father’s empire.

EAMES: See, right there you’ve got various political motivations, antimonopolistic sentiment and so forth. But all that stuff’s at the mercy of the subject’s prejudice you have to go to the basic.

COBB: Which is?

EAMES: The relationship with the father.

Selasa, April 26, 2011

566 Kamera Statik Rakam Wajah Pemandu Memandu Laju Melebihi Had

Awas kepada pemandu yang suka memandu laju tetapi sering mempertikai saman ekor kerana kononnya ia tidak adil. Menjelang akhir tahun ini mereka akan diperhatikan oleh 566 kamera statik berteknologi tinggi yang boleh merakam wajah pemandu dan jenis kenderaan dengan jelas walaupun memandu melebihi 100 kilometer sejam.

Pinjaman Pelajaran Tidak Berbayar Balik

Sejumlah RM518.5 juta daripada RM1.1 bilion pinjaman latihan kemahiran yang dikeluarkan bagi golongan lepasan sekolah sejak 2002 masih belum dibayar balik. kerajaan tidak menolak untuk mengambil tindakan undang-undang dan menyenarai hitam mereka melalui Credit Tip Off Service Sdn Bhd (CTOS) dan Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) sebagai usaha mendapatkan semula wang pinjaman tersebut.

e-Warta Persekutuan - Federal Government Gazette

e-Warta Persekutuan - Federal Government Gazette

Orang ramai kini boleh mengakses dan memuat turun undang-undang persekutuan yang sudah diwartakan menerusi e-Warta Persekutuan. Menerusi portal itu, semua undang-undang persekutuan boleh diakses secara mudah dan percuma sebaik sahaja diwartakan tanpa perlu menunggu akta terbabit dicetak.

Federal Government Gazette

Syarikat Perlu Siasat Latar Belakang Pekerja Baru

Syarikat disaran supaya mengadakan pemeriksaan latar belakang seseorang yang ingin diambil bekerja bagi mengelakkan berlaku penyelewengan atau penipuan. Syarikat tempatan perlu mengambil contoh syarikat antarabangsa di negara ini yang sanggup melaburkan sedikit wang semata-mata untuk mendapatkan maklumat latar belakang pekerja baru mereka.

Nasi Lemak Bukan Punca Utama Masalah Obesiti

Nasi lemak bukan punca utama masalah obesiti di kalangan murid sekolah kerana ia boleh berlaku menerusi pengambilan makanan harian berkalori tinggi yang tidak terkawal, kata Presiden Persatuan Pemakanan Malaysia Dr Tee E Siong. Ibu bapa perlu menanamkan tabiat makanan secara sihat dalam diri anak masing-masing kerana usaha itu akan menjadi lebih sukar apabila mereka meningkat remaja.

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 4

COBB: They say we only use a fraction of the true potential of our brains... but they're talking about when we're awake. While we dream, the mind performs wonders.

ARIADNE: Such as?

COBB: How do you imagine a building? You consciously create each aspect, puzzling over it in stages... But sometimes, when your imagination flies -

ARIADNE: I'm discovering it.

COBB: Exactly. Genuine inspiration. In a dream your mind continuously does that... It creates and perceives a world simultaneously. So well that you don't feel your brain doing the creating. That's why we can shortcircuit the process...


COBB: By taking over the creating part.

COBB: This is where you come in. You build the world of the dream. We take the subject into that dream, and let him fill it with his subconscious

ARIADNE: But are you trying to fool him that the dream is actually real life?

COBB: While we're in there, We don't want him to realize he's dreaming.

ARIADNE: How could I ever get enough detail to Convince him that it's real?

COBB: Our dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up we realize things were strange,

ARIADNE: But all the textures of real life the stone, the fabric. cars... people... your mind can't create all this.

COBB: It does. Every time you dream. Let me ask you a question: You never remember the beginning of your dreams, do you? You just turn up in the middle of what's going on.

ARIADNE: I guess.

COBB: So... how did we end up at this restaurant?

ARIADNE: We came here from...

COBB: How did we get here? Where are we?

ARIADNE: Oh my God. We're dreaming.

COBB: Because it's never just a dream. And a face full of glass hurts like hell, doesn't it? While we're in it, it's real.

ARTHUR: That's why the military developed dream sharing-a training program where soldiers could strangle, stab and shoot each other, then wake up.

ARIADNE: How did architects get involved?

COBB: Someone had to design the dreams.

ARIADNE: We were only asleep for five minutes? We talked for an hour at least...

COBB: When you dream, your mind functions more quickly, so time seems to pass more slowly.

ARTHUR: Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream.

COBB: Let's see how much trouble you can cause in five minutes.

Tiada Pencemaran Radioaktif Di Malaysia Sehingga Kini - MOSTI

Sampel air hujan, air laut, air paip, dan tanah di beberapa kawasan di seluruh Malaysia, sehingga kini tidak menunjukkan sebarang pencemaran bahan radioaktif.

Pensampelan itu dijalankan oleh Lembaga Pelesenan Tenaga Atom (AELB) bermula 2 April lepas bertujuan memantau kemungkinan terdapat kesan pencemaran radioaktif.

"Sehingga hari ini, tiada sebarang pencemaran radioaktif dikesan di semua sampel," kata Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili dalam satu kenyataan hari Isnin.

Beliau berkata AELB akan meneruskan pengambilan sampel terutama sampel air laut di Kota Baharu, Kuala Terengganu, Kemaman, Kuantan, Mersing, Pasir Gudang, Kuching, Bintulu, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu, Kudat dan Sandakan setiap dua minggu.

Ongkili berkata kementerian itu melalui AELB, Agensi Nuklear Malaysia dan Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia bekerjasama dengan Malawakil Vienna, Malawakil Tokyo dan Kementerian Luar akan memantau secara aktif keadaan insiden nuklear di Jepun dan impaknya di negara ini.

Katanya pemantauan kesan pencemaran radioaktif itu dijalankan melalui Sistem Pemonitoran Radiologi Alam Sekitar (ERMS) di enam lokasi iaitu di Chuping, Ipoh, Senai, Kuantan, Sri Aman dan Kudat masih menunjukkan paras normal iaitu selamat untuk orang awam.

Pemantauan melalui Sistem Pemonitoran Portal (RPM) pula di empat lapangan terbang antarabangsa di Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Pulau Pinang dan Kuching) tidak mengesan sebarang pencemaran sehingga kini, katanya.

Maximus berkata pemeriksaan penumpang dan bagasi termasuk produk industri dari Jepun tidak diperlukan di Malaysia kerana bacaan ujian radioaktif yang dijalankan di lapangan terbang dan pelabuhan utama di Jepun didapati pada paras selamat iaitu kadar dedahan tidak membahayakan kesihatan.

Namun demikian, sekiranya pihak industri masih memerlukan pengesahan bebas kontaminasi dibuat atas produk yang diimport dari Jepun, boleh hubungi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia di talian 03-89251201/019-3877609 (En. Iberahim Ali) atau 03-89256270/019-3888031 (Dr Zulkifli Hashim).

Bagi sebarang pertanyaan berkaitan perjalanan ke Jepun atau di dalam Jepun, boleh hubungi pegawai bertugas di Wisma Putra melalui talian 03-88874570/03-88892746 atau laman web atau Malawakil Tokyo.

Untuk pertanyaan lain boleh merujuk kepada Pusat Maklumat Radiologi AELB melalui talian Hotline AELB 1-800-88-7999 atau melalui e-mel di

Akta Halal Beri Lebih Kuasa Kepada Jakim

Akta Halal Beri Lebih Kuasa Kepada Jakim

Undang-undang baru yang digubal untuk memperkemaskan lagi industri halal negara akan memberi lebih kuasa kepada Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) untuk menguatkuasa penggunaan dan pengeluaran logo halal di negara ini.

Akta itu akan meliputi tindakan undang-undang dan penguatkuasaan kerana dulu tidak boleh ambil tindakan kepada mana-mana individu, syarikat swasta atau mana-mana syarikat luar yang mengeluarkan sijil kerana peruntukannya tidak diperkemaskan.

15 Jenis Makanan Tidak Sihat Dilarang Dijual Di Kantin Sekolah

15 Jenis Makanan Tidak Sihat Dilarang Dijual Di Kantin Sekolah

Bahagian Keselamatan dan Kualiti Makanan (BKKM) Kementerian Kesihatan telah mencadangkan sebanyak 15 jenis makanan yang dikategori sebagai tidak sihat dilarang dijual di kantin sekolah. Makanan yang dikategorikan tidak sihat termasuklah mee segera, gula-gula, makanan berjeruk, makanan mengandungi perisa tiruan, makanan diproses seperti daging burger dan minuman berkarbonat.

Selaras dengan cadangan yang dijangka dimuktamadkan pada bulan depan, pihak kementerian telah mengenal pasti 60 makanan berkhasiat seperti nasi goreng, kuetiau sup dan mee sup untuk dijual oleh pengusaha kantin sekolah.

Kesemua cadangan makanan berkenaan terkandung dalam deraf Garis Panduan Penjualan Makanan di Sekolah yang akan dilaksanakan apabila diluluskan kelak.

Cadangan penjualan makanan berkhasiat itu penting kerana kajian yang dijalankan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) pada 2000 menunjukkan obesiti di kalangan kanak-kanak berusia enam hingga 12 tahun adalah 9.7 peratus manakala pada 2008 meningkat kepada 13.7 peratus.

"Kita turut mengupayakan guru-guru kesihatan di sekolah kerana kita (inspektor kesihatan dan pegawai kesihatan) tidak boleh selalu turun," kata Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan.

Isnin, April 25, 2011

Senarai Kosmetik Beracun Berbahaya

Orang ramai dinasihatkan supaya mengelak daripada membeli dan mengguna enam produk kosmetik jenama terkenal berikutan pengesanan Racun Berjadual seperti dexamethasone, hydroquinone dan tretinoin yang boleh memberi pelbagai kesan sampingan kepada pengguna.

Enam produk tersebut ialah BML HB Lotion, Krim Malam Shana, Natasya Gold Krim Herba, Biotox Whitening Hydro Cream, Yoko Whitening Cream dan Sue Beauty Night Treatment Cream.

Tretinoin boleh menyebabkan kemerahan pada kulit yang disapu, ketidakselesaan, kulit mengelupas dan hipersensitif kepada cahaya matahari manakala hydroquinone pula boleh menyebabkan kemerahan pada kulit yang disapu, ketidakselesaan, perubahan warna kulit yang tidak diingini dan kulit menjadi hipersensitif di samping menghalang proses pigmentasi (depigmentasi).

Proses depigmentasi mengurangkan perlindungan ke atas kulit daripada pancaran ultra ungu dan sinaran matahari berlebihan yang boleh memberi risiko kanser kulit.

Depigmentasi berlebihan berbahaya kepada penduduk yang tinggal di kawasan iklim tropika.

Dexamethasone pula adalah sejenis steroid, apabila digunakan secara topikal boleh menyebabkan beberapa kesan sampingan antaranya iritasi kulit, kulit kering, jerawat, kulit menjadi nipis dan meningkatkan risiko jangkitan kuman.

SEJARAH KAD PENGENALAN - Kad Pengenalan Bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia

Dari tahun 2000 sehingga 2010, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) telah mengeluarkan sebanyak 28.99 juta kad pengenalan MyKad. Jumlah tersebut meliputi pengeluaran MyKad bagi gantian untuk permohonan disebabkan kes kerosakan dan kehilangan.

JPN adalah sebuah Jabatan di bawah Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) yang bertanggungjawab mendaftar peristiwa-peristiwa penting setiap individu seperti maklumat kelahiran, kematian, pengangkatan, perkahwinan dan perceraian.

Ia ditubuhkan selepas Peraturan-peraturan Darurat (Kawasan-kawasan Pendaftaran) 1948 yang dikuatkuasakan sebagai salah satu langkah untuk menentang ancaman keselamatan.

Peraturan itu memerlukan semua penduduk supaya mendaftar dan memperolehi kad pengenalan apabila mencapai umur 12 tahun dan ke atas.

Kad pengenalan kini sudah menjangkau usia 63 tahun yang menyaksikan evolusi dari hanya sekeping kad kertas yang dikenali sebagai kad beras kepada MyKad iaitu kad pintar bercip yang diperbuat daripada bahan polikarbonat.

1948 : Kad pengenalan kertas

Pengenalan : Oleh pemerintah Inggeris di Malaya melalui Emergency [Registration Areas] Regulation 1948, bagi membendung ancaman pengganas komunis. Ia juga dikenali sebagai ‘kad beras’ kerana sewaktu catuan makanan pada zaman darurat bermula pada 1948 itu memerlukan bukti pengenalan diri bagi mendapatkan beras.

Pelaksanaan : Digunakan di Semenanjung Malaysia dari tahun 1948 sehingga 1960.

Ciri-ciri : Tujuan untuk keselamatan, tidak bersalut, gambar hitam putih, cap ibu jari kanan sahaja, maklumat asal penduduk, tiada taraf kewarganegaraan.

1960 : Kad pengenalan plastik

Pengenalan : Akta Pendaftaran Negara 1959 (Akta 78) diperkenalkan bagi memperkemaskan lagi sistem pengeluaran kad pengenalan.

Pelaksanaan : Digunakan di Semenanjung dari 1 Ogos 1960 sehingga 31 Mac. Diperkenalkan di Sarawak pada 30 Mac 1966 dan Sabah pada 1 Jun 1972.

Ciri-ciri : Keselamatan yang baik, bersalut dan diproses secara teragih, empat warna bagi menentukan taraf warganegara, maklumat terperinci, gambar hitam putih, cap ibu jari kiri dan kanan.

1990 : Kad pengenalan bermutu tinggi

Pengenalan : Bagi menggantikan kad pengenalan plastik. Juga dikenali sebagai kad pengenalan bunga raya.

Pelaksanaan : Diperkenalkan pada April 1990.

Ciri-ciri : Keselamatan yang tinggi, gambar hitam putih (1990) dan gambar warna (1999), cap ibu jari kiri dan kanan, maklumat terperinci dan bersalut.

Kad pengenalan pintar

Pengenalan : Kad pintar yang dikenali sebagai MyKad.

Pelaksanaan : Mulai akhir 2000 di Semenanjung dan awal 2002 di Sabah dan Sarawak. Penukaran kad pengenalan bermutu tinggi kepada Mykad adalah secara sukarela dan percuma mulai tahun 2003 sehingga 2005.

Ciri-ciri : Kad pengenalan mempunyai ciri keselamatan tinggi dan berteknologi cip yang kini diperbuat daripada bahan polikarbonat. Pada masa ini, ia memuatkan aplikasi lapan tambah satu (8+1) dalam satu kad.

SUMBER: Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia

Polis Tidak Lagi Bersembunyi Untuk Saman

Polis tidak lagi menjalankan tugas secara bersembunyi dalam operasi melibatkan lalu lintas, kata Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar. "Kita tidak lagi menyorok balik tiang, kita saman terus dan kalau sudah kena saman jangan lupa bayar," katanya.

Khalid membuat kenyataan itu apabila seorang peserta dialog mengutarakan mengenai kekerapan kehadiran polis di jalan raya sejak kebelakangan ini menyebabkan pemandu lebih berdisiplin berbanding sebelum ini di mana ada anggota polis yang menyorok di hujung jalan dan kemudian keluar dari persembunyian dan menahan pesalah trafik.

Khalid kemudian memberitahu sidang media bahawa kehadiran anggota polis secara ketara dalam operasi lalu lintas telah dimulakan tidak berapa lama dahulu.

"Jangan terkejut bila kena saman. kita tidak seharusnya menyorok, kita akan keluar dan menguatkuasakan undang-undang," katanya.

Selain daripada peningkatan kehadiran polis bagi meningkatkan disiplin pemandu, pemandu juga diingatkan bahawa polis juga menggunakan kamera dan beberapa alat lain untuk mengesan kesalahan mereka, katanya.

Mengenai usaha Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) membanteras gejala samseng di kalangan masyarakat India di Selangor, Khalid berkata selain didakwa di mahkamah, polis juga melakukan tindakan pencegahan.

"Tahun lepas 300 orang telah kita tahan di bawah undang-undang pencegahan, tindakan terhadap gangsterism dibuat secara berterusan itu sebab tidak ada kumpulan kartel jenayah atau mafia yang berkuasa di negara ini," katanya.

Khalid juga berkata PDRM tidak lagi melihat belia dan persatuan belia sebagai pelanggan sebaliknya melihat belia sebagai rakan dan persatuan belia sebagai rakan kongsi.

Liputan media terhadap isu negatif yang melibatkan golongan belia seperti rempit, buang bayi, pergaulan bebas, penagihan dadah dan pil-pil khayal semakin menguatkan perasaan kurang senang masyarakat terhadap belia kita pada hari ini tetapi persepsi negatif ini perlu diperbetulkan, katanya.

Gadis Tempatan Waspada Lelaki Kulit Hitam Laman Sosial

Gadis Tempatan Perlu Waspada Helah
Lelaki Kulit Hitam Laman Sosial

Wisma Putra menasihatkan gadis-gadis muda tempatan terutamanya dari kawasan pedalaman agar tidak mudah terpedaya dengan lelaki kulit hitam yang dikenali menerusi laman sosial. Ini bertujuan mengelakkan mereka terpedaya dijadikan keldai dadah oleh sindiket penyeludupan dadah antarabangsa.

Seorang gadis Malaysia berusia 22 tahun dan sedang menuntut di Kolej Segi ditahan di Shenzhen, China 29 Mac lalu apabila pihak berkuasa menemui sejumlah dadah dalam perutnya.

Gadis Dayak dari Sarawak ini baru berkenalan dengan seorang lelaki kulit hitam menerusi laman sosial Facebook tahun lalu. Tteruja dengan bayaran RM5,000 dia telah menelan 100 biji heroin seberat 700 gram untuk dihantar ke Shenzhen.

Lebih menyedihkan katanya, gadis tersebut tidak pernah berjumpa dengan “kekasihnya” itu dan semasa ditemui wakil konsulat Malaysia di China dia merayu agar kesnya tidak dimaklumkan kepada keluarga.

Sebaliknya memohon bantuan kewangan dari konsulat kerana kesukaran membeli makanan di penjara Shenzhen.

Wisma Putra tidak boleh campur tangan dalam undang-undang melibatkan negara lain sebaliknya hanya menghulurkan bantuan sekiranya diminta oleh keluarga mangsa.

Statistik menunjukkan sehingga 31 Mac lalu seramai 1,880 rakyat Malaysia ditahan di luar negara dengan 833 daripadanya didakwa terbabit dengan kes penyeludupan dadah.

Daripada jumlah itu, seramai 675 membabitkan lelaki manakala 158 ialah wanita.

Doktor Swasta Diseru Beri Khidmat Sukarela

Doktor Swasta Diseru Beri Khidmat Sukarela - Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai menyeru lebih banyak pengamal perubatan swasta supaya menyumbangkan khidmat sukarela sempena pelbagai program karnival kesihatan yang dianjurkan kementerian.

Beliau berkata penyertaan lebih ramai doktor dalam program seperti itu akan membantu mencapai sasaran memberikan perkhidmatan perubatan kepada lebih banyak pesakit.

Minuman Berkarbonat Dilarang Dijual Di Kantin

Minuman berkarbonat dan makanan mengandungi gula berlebihan
kini dilarang dijual di kantin sekolah

Semua minuman berkarbonat dan makanan mengandungi gula berlebihan kini dilarang dijual di kantin sekolah dalam usaha kerajaan mencegah obesiti dan diabetes di kalangan pelajar. Larangan ini turut dikenakan ke atas penjaja yang berniaga di luar pekarangan sekolah kerana didapati menjual makanan kurang berzat, tinggi kandungan gula dan lemak kepada pelajar selepas sesi persekolahan.

Kajian Kementerian Kesihatan mendapati lebih 15 peratus rakyat Malaysia menghidap penyakit tidak berjangkit dengan 60 peratus daripadanya adalah remaja berusia 18 tahun ke bawah yang rata-ratanya pelajar sekolah rendah dan menengah yang mengalami obesiti serta diabetes. Senario ini amat membimbangkan kerana pelajar terbabit terdedah kepada masalah buah pinggang, darah tinggi, strok, kanser dan penyakit kardiovaskular.

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 3

COBB: What do you want from us?

SAITO: Inception. Is it possible?

ARTHUR: Of course not.

SAITO: If you can steal an idea from someone's mind, why can't you plant one there instead?

ARTHUR: Okay, here's planting an idea: I say to you, "Don't think about elephants." What are you thinking about?

SAITO: Elephants.

ARTHUR: Right. But it's not your idea because you know I gave it to you.

SAITO: You could plant it subconsciously-

ARTHUR: The subject's mind can always trace the genesis of the idea. True inspiration is impossible to fake.

COBB: No, it isn't.

SAITO: Can you do it?

COBB: I won't do it.

COBB: How complex is the idea?

SAITO: Simple enough.

COBB: No idea's simple when you have to plant it in someone else's mind.

SAITO: My main competitor is an old man in poor health. His son will soon inherit control of the corporation. I need him to decide to break up his father's empire. Against his own self-interest.

ARTHUR: Cobb, we should walk away from this.

COBB: If I were to do it. If I could do it... how do I know you can deliver?

SAITO: You don't. But I can. So do you want to take a leap of faith, or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone? Assemble your team, Mr. Cobb. And choose your people more wisely.

MILES: My God. You're here to corrupt one of my brightest and best.

COBB: If you have someone good enough, you have to let them decide for themselves. You know what I'm offering -

MILES: Money?

COBB: No, not just money: the chance to build cathedrals, entire cities - things that have never existed, things that couldn't exist in the real world...

MILES: Everybody dreams, Cobb. Architects are supposed to make those dreams real.

COBB: That's not what you used to say. You told me that in the real world I'd be building attic conversions and gas stations. You said that if I mastered the dream-share I'd have

a whole new way of creating and showing people my creations. You told me it would free me.

MILES: And I'm sorry. I was wrong.

COBB: No, you weren't. Your vision was a vision of pure creativity. It's where we took it that was wrong.

MILES: And now you want me to let someone else follow you into fantasy.

COBB: They won't actually come on the job, they'll just design the levels and teach them to the dreamers.

MILES: Design them yourself.

COBB: Mal won't let me.

MILES: If you have a few moments, Mr. Cobb has a job offer to discuss with you.

ARIADNE: A work placement?

COBB: Not exactly.

ARIADNE: Aren't you going to tell me anything?

COBB: Before I describe the job, I have to know you could do it.


COBB: It's not, strictly speaking, legal. You have two minutes to draw a maze that takes me one minute to solve.

Ahad, April 24, 2011

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 2

COBB: No point threatening him in a dream.

MAL: That depends on what you're threatening. Killing him would just wake him up... but pain? Pain is in the mind...


COBB: You held something back because you knew what we were up to... So why let us in at all?

SAITO: An audition.

COBB: Audition for what?

SAITO: It doesn't matter. You failed.

COBB: I extracted all the information you had in there.

SAITO: But your deception was readily apparent.


SAITO: A dream within a dream - I'm impressed.


ARTHUR: Asshole! How could you get the carpet wrong?!

NASH: It wasn't my fault!

ARTHUR: You're the architect-

NASH: I didn't know he was going to rub his damn cheek on it!

Sabtu, April 23, 2011

Movie Quotes - Inception Part 1

Christopher Nolan

COBB: What's the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm?

ARTHUR: What Mr. Cobb is trying to say-

COBB: An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea's taken hold in the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. A person can cover it up, ignore it- but it stays there.

SAITO: But surely-to forget...?

COBB: Information, yes. But an idea? Fully formed, understood? That sticks... In there, somewhere.

SAITO: For someone like you to steal?

ARTHUR: Yes. In the dream state, conscious defenses are lowered and your thoughts become vulnerable to theft. It's called extraction.

COBB: But, Mr. Saito, we can train your subconscious to defend itself from even the most skilled extractor.

SAITO: How can you do that?

COBB: Because I am the most skilled extractor. I know how to search your mind and find your secrets. I know the tricks, and I can teach them to your subconscious so that even when you're asleep, your guard is never down.


MAL: If I jumped, would I survive?

COBB: With a clean dive, perhaps. Mal, why are you here?

MAL: I thought you might be missing me...

COBB: I am. But I can't trust you anymore.

MAL: So what?

Jumaat, April 22, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 6

A.J.: I don't have to prove anything to anybody, Harry.

HARRY: I listen to N.A.S.A., you listen to me. That's the chain. Either you follow it, or you're done.

A.J.: I'll follow it.

HARRY: I stood up for you, because I've made a life of proving people wrong. When I was about your age, I was in Galveston, Texas. I scraped together some money, bought some old equipment, a little land. I set up a rig and drilled my first hole. Then I sat there and watched her soak up the sun for six months - waiting for this baby to pop. Everybody told me to quit. I wouldn't listen. My wife ran off with a drill-rigger, left me with Grace. Everybody in town thought I was a fool. But I stayed with it. And in the last hour of the last day, she popped. She spit out that black gold and I danced in it like a wild Indian. I captured the magic. This is the last piece of pipe that struck gold that day.

GOLDEN: In the book of Revalations, the Bible speaks of a final day on Earth, when all mankind shall perish, shall cease to exist. This day is known as Armageddon. Right now, that day conflicts with six billion schedules. For the first time in the history of this planet, s species possesses the technology to prevent it's own extinction. I've been with N.A.S.A. my entire adult life. Eleven years as an astronaut, another fifteen on the ground at Mission Control. Twenty-six years I've had to answer one question -- why? Why more money? Why the race for space? Why do we need to know what is up there? (beat) When we come through this, I'll take comfort in the fact that I won't ever have to answer those questions again. You are our warriors up there. You are our last hope. God be with you.

LEV: I am Cosmonaut Lev Andropov, what your name?

A.J.: My name is A.J.

LEV: You just blew up my home.

MAX: Oh, man, did I have a dream.

BEAR: So did Martin Luther King.

MAX: No, this was a bad dream. We were drilling and the ground ate the bit. Then it ate the pipe, then the derrick. Then it ate us.

BEAR: That's a dumb-ass dream.

MAX: I'm not coming home.

CHICK: Harry, what are you thinking?

HARRY: How beautiful it is. Thinkin' about all that oil I sucked out and spit into the air.Funny how a man can live 46 years and realize he ain't been doing the right thing.

GOLDEN: Yeah, Harry. What's your situation?

HARRY: Situation? You put me down on the worst possible place on this asteroid. I'm drillin' into something I shouldn't. The hole just ate one of my diamond-tipped bits in thirty minutes. That has never happened to me in twenty years.

GOLDEN: You're forty minutes in. You should be down 150 feet. How far are you?

HARRY: Not far. Twenty-three feet.

HARRY: You told me that the only way to deal with this hunk 'o crud is to get a nuke 1000 feet down. You sticking with that?

GOLDEN: Firmly.

HARRY: Great. Glad we have that understanding.

GOLDEN: IF you're gonna pull this off, we have to have a little talk about time...and temperature. Zero Barrier's in two hours.

HARRY: Wait... wait.. what about temperature? When did temperatures come into the picture?

GOLDEN: Harry, your suits are good upto 150 degrees Celsius...

HARRY: And...? How hot is it going to get?

GOLDEN: We didn't anticipate you being on the asteroid so long. The clock is ticking...

HARRY: How hot is it going to get?!

GOLDEN: Three hundred and fifty degrees.

HARRY: Thanks for telling us now, Golden... I don't think my bits can handle those kind of temperatures...

BEAR: A.J. Frost. Back from the dead.

CHICK: Now you can die with us.

HARRY: It's so beautiful up here. So pure. I remember something I read once, "The world is a fine place... and worth fighting for." Gracie, I'm just an iron-ass-warrior doin' what's best. Take care of A.J. I'll look in on you from time to time...

Khamis, April 21, 2011

Petua Menghilangkan Kutu Beras

Petua Halau Kutu Beras - Hilangkan Kutu Beras (Rice Weevil)
Nama saintifik bagi kutu beras ialah Sitophilus Oryzae

Kutu beras sememangnya sejenis binatang yang tidak berdosa yang mampu mendatangkan masalah kepada para penyimpan stok beras. Kutu-kutu beras ini menyukarkan penanak-penanak nasi untuk memasak nasi. Setiap kali mahu menanak nasi, ada kutu beras, maka pastilah penanak nasi akan berfikir cara yang paling berkesan untuk menghalau dan menghilangkan kutu-kutu beras di dalam beras.

Jemur tengah panas
Cara yang paling mudah ialah tuangkan beras di atas dulang dan jemur di tengah panas. Kutu-kutu beras akan keluar dan lari.

Kain putih dan cili kering
Letakkan cili kering, kemudian tutup dengan kain putih. Kutu-kutu akan suka pada benda yang berwarna putih, apa lagi jika lebih putih daripada beras. Kutu-kutu tak suka dengan cili kering. Oleh itu cili kering sangat berguna untuk menghalau dan menghilangkan kutu beras. Cili kering hendaklah digaul bersama-sama dengan beras.

Hirisan bawang putih mampu halau kutu beras
Ada juga petua lain untuk menghilangkan kutu beras dengan menggunakan bawang putih. Kutu beras tidak suka bau bawang putih maka bau bawang putih boleh menghalau kutu beras. Bawang putih itu hendaklah dipotong-potong atau dihiris-hiris dahulu.

Daun pudina untuk halau kutu beras
Daun pudina perlulah dikeringkan terlebih dahulu dan kemudian kisar jadi serbuk dan gaulkan bersama-sama dengan beras.

Punca kemunculan kutu beras
Kutu beras akan ada dalam beras kalau beras tu lama tak digunakan. Ini berlaku semasa saya masih menggunakan tong biasa untuk isi beras. Asal beras tinggal sedikit, kita akan tambahkan beras baru. Beras yang di bahagian bawah tu kita tak gunakan langsung. Setelah saya gunakan bekas beras yang membolehkan kita gunakan beras paling bawah, maka masalah kutu beras dah tak jadi masalah. (produk apa pun tak kisah, tapi teknik pengambilan beras tu yang membuatkan kutu tak hidup dalam beras, saya gunakan tupperware) masalah kutu beras selepas saya gunakan bekas ini langsung tak ada lagi.
Petua beras, petua kutu beras, tips halau kutu beras, petua menghalau kutu beras, petua hilangkan kutu beras cara menghilangkan kutu beras masalah kutu beras hilang

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 5

DR BANKS: Mr. Stamper, your men...are...take Mr. Chappel. I believe they call him Chic.

HARRY: Charles, but if you call him that, he'll kill you.

DR BANKS: I assume you're joking. Your men show aggression, extreme maladjustment to their surroundings, anti-social behaviour --

HARRY: With all due respect, Doctor, I don't know too many army guys who are social when someone is trying to jam a tube up their butt.

DR BANKS: Does your company have a drug testing program? These toxicology reports are a throwback to the sixties. All show huge levels of nicotine and alcohol. Three of the, four show illegal drugs. A couple I had to look up. One of them had "Kematine" -- a very potent sedative.

HARRY: A lot of people take sedatives.

DR BANKS: This one is used on horses.

HARRY: I don't tell my men how to live their lives. They're with me to do a job and they do it well.

GOLDEN: This is getting us nowhere. Can they fly, or not?

DR BANKS: Failed. Failed. Really failed. Under the circumstances... They're the finest physical specimens I've ever seen.

QUINCY: Pressurised titanium alloy cab. Airlocked life support. The chassis's by General Motors. Heavy duty suspension and six wheel drive.

HARRY: How were you going to power your drill arm?

QUINCY: Turbo-jet engine fuelled by Kerosene and liquid oxygen.

HARRY: I need to be able to start and stop. I need different speeds, and I need reverse.

QUINCY: A jet engine can't do that.

HARRY: It can if it's hooked up to a clutch. A.J., get me a Mack truck transmission.

QUINCY: That's so simple it's brilliant.

HARRY: I'm a simple man. But don't underestimate me.

CHUCK JR.: On this mission, they tell me you will experience the worst G-Forces in the history of flight. It's like an elephant sitting on your chest. So, I intend to flip you, spin you, splat your bodies till your bones hurt. Now load up and enjoy the flight.

SHARP: Trainees, at ease. We are not done here. We're taking you for a little ride. This bird will climb to 40 thousand feet and drop to 10 thousand feet to give you the feeling of weightlessness for 30 seconds. Welcome to N.A.S.A.'s Vomit Comet.

DENISE: What was I supposed to tell him? We've got a life here now, Chick, with someone we can depend on.

CHICK: What I did before was wrong. Every day of my life I regret it. I can see you've got a good thing going, Denise, I'm not trying to mess that up. But this thing's come my way and I got the chance to do something really right.

DENISE: This another one of your scams, Chick?

CHICK: It's no scam. You might just be proud of me.

DENISE: What's going on, Chick?

CHICK: I can't tell you now. But if it comes out good, I'll be back. Then maybe you'd consider telling Tommy I'm not a...salesman. It's good to see you. You look really beautiful.

DENISE: Hey, Chick. You be careful.

STU: Kennedy lied about the Bay of Pigs, Nixon - Watergate, say no more. Clinton. One word - 'Women.' If I know one thing; ALL PRESIDENTS LIE.

Rabu, April 20, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 4

QUNICY: Dan Golden, meet Mister Harry Stamper, the finest oil driller in the world.

GOLDEN: Mister Stamper... Dan Golden, I'm Director of --

HARRY: I know who you are. I watched T.V. once. Apollo 8, right? First manned lunar orbit.

GOLDEN: That was a long time ago. I run this place now. And we've got a serious problem on our hands that Quincy here thinks you might be able to help us out with --

QUINCY: I'm a big fan, Mr. Stamper.

HARRY: I kinda caught that. What's the problem, gentlemen?

GOLDEN: I wonder if we might speak alone?

HARRY: These two are my right and left arms. Grace Stamper and Albert Jack Frost. Stupid name, so we call him A.J... They run my company. You talk to me, you talk to them.

QUINCY: 1985. The first well drilled over 50 thousand feet. They said it couldn't be done. You did it. Incredible.

QUINCY: 1991. Directional drilling through two miles of anthracite. They also said that couldn't be done. You did it. Incredible.

QUINCY: 1993. The first hole over seventy thousand. Once again they said --

GOLDEN: Move it along, Quincy.

QUINCY: Right, sorry. Mister Stamper, you're the world's foremost expert in deep drilling. You hold specialized patents in high speed bits, drilling fluids, downhole motors Can I call you Harry?

HARRY: Stick with Stamper.

GOLDEN: Well, Mister Stamper, we need you to drill a hole. It's in a difficult place.

HARRY: I've drilled in them all.

GOLDEN: Not... this place. This is really out there. Space, Mister Stamper.

HARRY: As in... outer?

GOLDEN: We're manning a mission to that asteroid to plant a nuclear device in it's core. To do that we need to drill an eight hundred foot hole.

HARRY: A.J., is this guy shitting me?

A.J.: I don't think they shit people at N.A.S.A.

HARRY: I left school after tenth grade. I earned my PH.D every day offshore drilling holes. You can't get it in a book. Drilling holes is about instinct - about smellin' it. Drillin' holes is an art. You want the crux of the matter? You stole my patent, and you don't have a goddamn idea how to use it. As for this piece of crap, don't insult me. I'll rebuild it - the right way - and drill the hole for you.

HARRY: First of all, you're going to buy my patent.

TEMPLE: Of course, completely in order. What is the price?

HARRY: Fifty million dollars.

TEMPLE: Mr. Stamper, this mission is to preserve the future of...

HARRY: You're right, too low. I'm still pissed. Seventy million.


HARRY: Give that money to my Greenpeace buddies. Told you... complicated.

HARRY: And I never want to pay taxes again.

TEMPLE: I'll call the I.R.S., try to uhm, explain the situation.

HARRY: I have this great log cabin in Montana. It's kind of a nature... getaway... thing.

TEMPLE: You want us to buy that, too?

HARRY: No. I fly fish there. But the fly fishing's sucked ever since they put in that goddamn hydro-electric dam. I want it gone by the time I get back.

HARRY: Now about my crew.

GOLDEN: The deal was for you, not others.

HARRY: I'm only as good as the men I work with. The ones in those home movies of yours.

GOLDEN: It's out of the question. Okay, who?

HARRY:My chief tool pusher. You game A.J.?

A.J.: Wouldn't miss it, Harry.

HARRY: And my roughnecks, Roustabouts, and Rockhound?

TEMPLE: Rock what? Is that a dog?

HARRY: No. Just a meek, geek geophysicist.

GOLDEN: What kind of men are these?

MAX: You're not taking any more blood. You vampires already have enough to feed your coven for a year.

NURSE: We need to know what substances you've recently ingested.

TITO: What, uhh, "substances" you talkin' about?

NURSE: Drugs.


HELGA: Enema.

CHICK: And you want to stick it where? No way, lady. I came here to drill.

HELGA: So did I.

Cara Mudah Mohon Kad Pengenalan Gantian

Cara Mudah dan Cepat Untuk Mendapatkan Kad Pengenalan atau MyKad Gantian Menerusi Internet Secara Online

Orang ramai yang ingin memohon gantian MyKad kini boleh melakukannya secara dalam talian melalui portal rasmi Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). Perkhidmatan itu memberi alternatif kepada orang ramai untuk mendapatkan gantian MyKad tanpa perlu ke kaunter sekaligus mengurangkan kesesakan di ibu pejabat JPN atau cawangannya.

Had Penggantian MyKad atau Kad Pengenalan Hilang atau Rosak

Tiga jenis permohonan gantian MyKad yang boleh dilakukan ialah gantian MyKad disebabkan cip dan kad rosak, gantian MyKad biasa dan gantian MyKad hilang yang tidak melebihi lima kali.

Bayaran Permohonan MyKad menggunakan Kad Kredit Visa dan Master Card

Bayaran permohonan secara dalam talian boleh dilakukan dengan menggunakan kad kredit Visa dan Master Card, manakala pembayaran melalui e-Banking akan dilaksanakan pada masa akan datang.

Pemohon boleh memohon gantian MyKad melalui portal JPN pada 8 pagi hingga 11 malam pada Isnin hingga Jumaat, 8 pagi hingga 2 petang (Sabtu) dan 8 pagi hingga 9 malam pada Ahad. Pemohon boleh menyemak status permohonan MyKad melalui portal JPN dan memilih pusat kutipan MyKad mengikut pilihan masing-masing.

Tempoh Siap MyKad dan Kad Pengenalan

Tempoh siap MyKad yang dipohon melalui talian adalah sama seperti permohonan biasa di kaunter iaitu 24 jam bagi pemohon yang memilih untuk menuntut MyKadnya di JPN Putrajaya, 10 hari bekerja bagi mana-mana pejabat cawangan JPN di Semenanjung serta 30 hari bekerja bagi mana-mana pejabat cawangan JPN di Sabah, Sarawak atau Labuan.

Selasa, April 19, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 2

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 2

GOLDEN: One giant leap for Mankind. Everyone remember that? This is what we are going to do. We're going to fly to that asteroid with a nuclear device, implant it and get off before it blows. Quincy?

Quincy: Look: set a fire cracker off in your open palm, you get a third degree burn. Close your fist, It'll do some serious damage. If we can get a nuke deep in one of the asteroid's fault lines, she'll split in two, like a diamond.


HARRY: Almost caught that little bastard.

Grace: Having fun? Sure sliced the shit outta that one.

HARRY: Watch your language, Gracie.

Grace: Seagulls swallow those and they die.

HARRY: Stupid birds.


HARRY: Hey there, what can I do for you?

GREENPEACE LEADER: This is an official protest.

HARRY: 'Course it is. I love you guys. You like dolphins and whales, I like 'em too. Hey, I know you. You too. Didn't you have shorter hair?

GREENPEACE LEADER: Stamper, do you know what this thing does to the eco-system?

HARRY: How'd you get out here? Canoe? Rowboat? Oh, that boat down there with a thousand horsepower diesel!

GREENPEACE LEADER: How can you wake up every day and look at yourself in the mirror?

HARRY: The same way you did when you blow-dried your hair this morning. And you used a curling iron, I betcha. Did you know most electricity's from burning oil? I'll stop drillin' when the world - stops using it. Bennie, start 'er up!


HARRY: Can't wait! I'm a businessman! Those goons over there gave me 57 mil. to find oil and they ain't leavin' till I do! 'cause they have no lives!


FLIP: Look it that sucker. They got a nuke up there in sixteen hours?

SKIP: It'll never fly. Never.

CLARK: Three things the Russians make well, guys - vodka, gymnasts and rockets. Don't count 'em out.

GOLDEN: It's the late 20th century, I run the U.S. Space Program, and I'm praying to God the Russians are better at this than we are...

Isnin, April 18, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 1


An impact equivalent to ten thousand nuclear weapons detonating simultaneously.

One hundred trillion tons of dirt and rock hurled into the atmosphere.

A blanket of dust the sun is powerless to penetrate. For five thousand years our world is robbed of light as a nuclear winter falls. In that darkness, a civilisation is removed from existence.


JIMBO: When are we going to let N.A.S.A in on what we've found?

THEO: We don't even know what we have yet. Comet, asteroid - it could be anything up there. And don't be so eager to red flag N.A.S.A. They don't call us when they discover anything.


GOLDEN: Okay guys, one of the worst days in N.A..S.A history just got worse. Ten million to one. A rogue comet came from deep space and collided with an asteroid. Some kids actually got a picture of the collision event and told no one. The stuff that hit this morning was the collision's forward-thrown matter, mere pebbles from what's about to come. Walter?

CLARK: A big asteroid. E.T.A., eighteen days. A lot bigger than the five mile one that obliterated the dinosaurs.

GOLDEN: The size of Texas.


Temple: Dan, we're all here. Tell us what we're up against.

GOLDEN: In it's simplest terms? The end of Mankind. One asteroid, one mile wide or bigger, impacts the Earth with the equivalent force of all the nuclear weapons in the world, times a thousand. Half our population will die within 24 hours from tidal waves and heat pulses. The other half won't be so lucky. In the end, it will be men eating the flesh of other men. (beat) It's not the end of the world, General, the world - Earth - will still be here. But there will be no life - maybe cockroaches and some resilient strands of bacteria.

Ahad, April 17, 2011

Movie Quotes - Avatar - Part 3

JAKE: It’s hard to put in words the deep connection the People have to the forest.

They see a network of energy that flows through all living things. They know that all energy is only borrowed--

-- and one day you have to give it back.


GRACE: Will you listen to me? Sometimes the Na’vi themselves die in these vision quests. The venom takes you to the edge of death. And the psychoactive alkaloid in the worm-- we have no idea what that’ll do in an avatar brain.


NEYTIRI: Kissing is very good. But we have something better.


GRACE: Alright, look -- I don’t have the answers yet, I’m just now starting to even frame the questions. What we think we know -- is that there’s some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees. Like the synapses between neurons. Each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it, and there are ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora --

SELFRIDGE: That’s a lot I’m guessing.

GRACE: That’s more connections than the human brain. You get it? It’s a network -- a global network. And the Na’vi can access it -- they can upload and download data -- memories -- at sites like the one you destroyed.

SELFRIDGE: What the hell have you people been smoking out there? They’re just. Goddamn. Trees.

GRACE: You need to wake up, Parker. The wealth of this world isn’t in the ground -- it’s all around us. The Na’vi know that, and they’re fighting to defend it. If you want to share this world with them, you need to understand them.


JAKE: The way I had it figured, Toruk is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up? But that was just a theory.


JAKE: The Sky People have sent a message that they can take whatever they want, and no one can stop them. But we will send them a message. Ride out, as fast as the wind can carry you, tell the other clans to come. Tell them Toruk Macto calls to them. Fly now with me brothers and sisters! Fly! And we will show the Sky People that this is our land!


QUARITCH: How does it feel to betray your own race?


JAKE: The forest will heal, and so will the hearts of the People. New life keeps the energy flowing, like the breath of the world.

This is my last videolog.

The science guys will keep the lights on, here. But I won’t miss this place.

I better wrap this up. There’s a funeral tonight, and I don’t want to be late. It was someone very close to me.

Sabtu, April 16, 2011

Movie Quotes - Avatar - Part 2

SELFRIDGE: Look, Sully -- find out what these blue monkeys want. We try to give them medicine and education. Roads! But no -- they like mud. I wouldn’t care except -- Their damn village is sitting right over the richest unobtanium deposit for a hundred klicks in any direction. Which sucks -- for them -- because they need to relocate.


SELFRIDGE: Killing the indigenous looks bad, but there’s one thing shareholders hate more than bad press -- and that’s a bad quarterly statement.


GRACE: Neytiri was my best student. She and her sister Silwanin. Just amazing girls.

JAKE: I didn’t meet the sister.

GRACE: No, she’s dead.


NEYTIRI: Ikran is not horse. Once shahaylu is made, ikran will fly with only one Hunter in the whole life. To become taronyu -- Hunter -- you must choose your own ikran. And he must choose you.


NEYTIRI: When you hear nothing, you will hear everything. When you see nothing, you will See everything.

JAKE: Sometimes I have no idea what she’s talking about.


GRACE: A scientist stays objective -- we can not be ruled by emotion. But I poured ten years of my life into that school. They called me sa’atenuk. Mother. That kind of pain reaches back through the link.

It’s a job. Learn what you can -- but don’t get attached.

It’s not our world, Jake. And we can’t stop what’s coming.


RAY: I saw your midget today. The little prick didn't even say hello.

CHLOE: Well, he's on a lot of Ketamine.

RAY: What's that?

CHLOE: A horse tranquiliser.

RAY: A horse tranquiliser? Where'd he get that?

CHLOE: I sold it to him.


NEYTIRI: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel -- inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance.

JAKE: How will I know if he chooses me?

NEYTIRI: He will try to kill you.

JAKE: Outstanding.


GRACE: The Great Leonopteryx is the apex aerial predator. Not only rare, but the sightings tend not to get reported.

TRUDY: There usually isn’t time to key the mike.

JAKE: The People call it Toruk.

NORM: Last Shadow.

JAKE: Last one you ever see.

TRUDY: I saw one take out a gunship once -- WHAM! Total frickin’ yard sale. Ate the crew like peanuts.

Jumaat, April 15, 2011

Movie Quotes - Avatar - Part 1

James Cameron

When I was lying there in the VA hospital, with a big hole blown through the middle of my life, I started having these dreams of flying.

Sooner or later though, you always have to wake up...


CREW CHIEF: Remember people, you lose your mask you're unconscious in 20 seconds and you're dead in four minutes. Let's nobody be dead today, it looks bad on my report.


QUARITCH: Out beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubees.

We have an indigenous population of humanoids here called the Na'vi. They're fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin which can stop your heart in one minute. We operate -- we live -- at a constant threat condition yellow.


SELFRIDGE: Look, you're supposed to be winning the hearts and minds of the natives. Isn't that the whole point of your little puppet show? If you look like them, if you talk like them, they'll trust you? But after -- how many years? -- relations with the indigenous are only getting worse.

GRACE: That tends to happen when you use machine guns on them.


NEYTIRI: All this is your fault! They did not need to die. JAKE: They attacked me. How’m I the bad guy here-- NEYTIRI: Your fault! You are like a baby, making noise, don’t know what to do. You should not come here, all of you! You only come and make problems. Only. JAKE: Okay, fine, you love your little forest friends. So why not just let them kill my ass? What’s the thinking?


MO'AT: Why did you come to us?

JAKE: I came to learn.

MO'AT: We have tried to teach other Sky People. It is hard to fill a cup which is already full.

JAKE: My cup is empty, trust me. Just ask Doctor Augustine. I’m no scientist.


GRACE: -- so the kid’s out there one night and he’s got the Queen Bitch herself offering him the spare room and the car keys. Unbelievable.

Khamis, April 14, 2011

Movie Quotes - Little Miss Sunshine - Part 3


RICHARD: Olive, can I tell you something about ice-cream? Ice-cream is made from cream, which comes from cow's milk. And cream has a lot of fat in it...

SHERYL: Richard...

RICHARD: What? "She's gonna find out anyway." Right?

OLIVE: Find out what?

RICHARD: Well, when you eat ice-cream, the fat in the ice-cream becomes fat on your body...

SHERYL: Richard, I swear to God...!

OLIVE: What? What's wrong?

SHERYL: Nothing, honey. Nothing's wrong.

RICHARD: So if you eat lots of ice-cream, you're gonna become big and fat. But if you don't, you'll probably stay nice and skinny.

GRANDPA: Olive, Richard's an idiot. I like a woman with meat on her bones.


MECHANIC: Well, I tell you what: these old buses? You don't need a clutch to shift from third to fourth. You just ease up on the gas. You only really need the clutch for first and second. What I'm sayin' is: as long as you keep parkin' on a hill, you get yourself going' fifteen, twenty miles an hour, and you just start up in third. Then you shift between third and fourth.

RICHARD: And you can drive like that?

MECHANIC: Oh, yeah. The problem's just getting up that speed up. As long as you keep parkin' it on a hill, you're fine. My brother and I once drive from here to Canada...

RICHARD: What if you're not on a hill?


RICHARD: I mean, it's sitting here right now. There's no hill. How do we...?

MECHANIC: Well, I tell you what: You get enough people -- you just get behind and push. Just push it up to ten, fifteen miles an hour, and you just go. Everybody jump inside, and you just go!


FRANK: How about that...!

RICHARD: And I can detect that note of sarcasm, Frank...

FRANK: What sarcasm?!

RICHARD: ... But I just want you to know -- I feel sorry for you.

FRANK: You do? Good.

RICHARD: Because sarcasm is the refuge of losers.

FRANK: It is?! Really?!

RICHARD: Sarcasm is just the sour grapes of losers trying to pull winners down to their level. That's one of the lessons of Step Four.

FRANK: Wow, Richard! You've really opened my eyes to what a loser I am! Say, how much do I owe you for those pearls of wisdom?

RICHARD: It's on me, buddy. It's on me.


FRANK: I'm gonna get a drink. You guys want anything?

GRANDPA: Yeah. Get me some porn. Something really nasty. None of that air-brush shit, alright? Here, here's a twenty. Get a little treat for yourself too, if they got any fag-rags in there.


FRANK: Where's Olive?


GRANDPA: There you go. Snug as a bug in a rug.

OLIVE: Grandpa...?


OLIVE: I'm kind of scared about tomorrow.

GRANDPA: Olive, you're gonna blow 'em out of the water. I guarantee it. They won't know what hit 'em.


OLIVE: But what if I lose tomorrow?

GRANDPA: Whoa, whoa, back up a second. You can't lose. You know why? Because a real loser is someone who's so afraid of not winning they don't even try. That's not you! You're in the contest! You're gonna dance! So even if you win, or you don't win, you've already won! See? You see? You-see-you-see-you-see?


FRANK: What?

DWAYNE: "Please don't kill yourself tonight"

FRANK: Not on your watch. I wouldn't do that to you.


OLIVE: Dad...?

RICHARD: What is it, hon...?

OLIVE: Grandpa won't wake up.


OLIVE: Dad? What's gonna happen to Grandpa?

RICHARD: Honey, as soon as we get to Florida, I'm gonna call a funeral home in Maryland and they'll take care of everything. Your Grandpa was smart and planned ahead. Okay?

SHERYL; Honey, Grandpa's soul is in Heaven now. He's with God. Okay?


OLIVE: Uncle Frank? Does everyone get to go to Heaven?

FRANK: That's an excellent question, Olive. Actually, the Hindus believe that you get as many lives as you want. Buddhists believe that you live many lives but at a certain point you reach Nirvana and cross the finish line. Christians believe you only get one life -- they don't believe in do-overs.

OLIVE: What do you believe?

FRANK: I dunno. I haven't made my mind up. What about you?

OLIVE: I think everyone goes to Heaven.

FRANK: Even me?


FRANK: You promise?

OLIVE: Yes!!!


TROOPER: How're you folks doing' today?

RICHARD: Fine! Doin' fine! [honk] Sorry!

TROOPER: Having trouble with your horn?

RICHARD: Yeah a little trouble. [honk] Sorry! [honk] Sorry!

FRANK: Don't apologize, Rich! It's a sign of weakness!


FRANK: Dwayne. I think you're colorblind. You can't fly jets in the Navy if you're colorblind.


KIRBY: ... And you're done! Here's you receipt; tickets; sash; tiara. Anything else?

RICHARD: Yeah. Is there a funeral home around here?


FRANK: Hey, you know, facing the wall like that...? There's no way you gonna stop me from killing myself. No way! I could be out of the window before you even turn around.


FRANK: Man, it's beautiful out here. I don't know if I believe in God, but that ocean -- it's always here for you: infinitely bigger than you are, and completely indifferent. So... My version of God.

DWAYNE: Frank...? What'd it feel like when you cut your wrists?

FRANK: You know, I wish I could tell you I felt bad. But I didn't. I was... Outside the world, y'know? It was very peaceful. But, I'm feeling that way now, too, so...

DWAYNE: Sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep until I was eighteen. Just skip all this crap -- high school and everything. Just skip it...

FRANK: Y'ever hear of Marcel Proust?

DWAYNE: He's the guy you teach?

FRANK: Yeah, French writer. Total loser. Never had a real job. Unrequited love affairs. Gay. Spent twenty years writing a book almost no one reads. But... he was also probably the greater writer since Shakespeare. Anyway, he gets down to the end of his life, he looks back and he decides that all the years he suffered -- those were the best years of his life. Because they made him who he was. They forced him to think very deeply. And the years he was happy? Total waste. Didn't learn anything.

So, if you sleep til you're eighteen... Think of the suffering you'd miss! High school's your prime suffering years. You don't get better suffering than that! Unless you go into academia, but that's a different story.

DWAYNE: You know what...? Fuck beauty contests. It's like life is one fucking beauty contest after another these days. School, then college, then work. Fuck it. Fuck the Naval Academy. Fuck the MacArthur Foundation. If I want to fly, I'll find a way to fly. You do what you love and fuck the rest.


FRANK: I'm glad you're talking again, Dwayne. You're not nearly as stupid as you look. So now what do we do?

DWAYNE: You got me, Frank. Maybe we can stay out here forever.


RICHARD: I don't want Olive to go on.

SHERYL: Are you kidding...?!!!

RICHARD: We're not in Maryland anymore, all right? She's out of her league here.

SHERYL: So...?

RICHARD: Sheryl...! She's not gonna win. There's no fucking way.

SHERYL: It doesn't matter...!

RICHARD: It does matter!

SHERYL: It doesn't matter!

RICHARD: It does!!! I don't want her to lose. I know what that feels like. It's not good. We can't let that happen.


DWAYNE: Where's Olive?

SHERYL: In the dressing room. What's up?

DWAYNE: I don't want Olive doing this.

SHERYL: Oh, my God...!


DWAYNE: Mom, look around! This place is fucked! I don't want these people judging Olive! Fuck them!

RICHARD: Exactly! Fuck them!

SHERYL: No, Dwayne. It's too late...

DWAYNE: It's not too late! You're the Mom! You're supposed to protect her!


OLIVE: I'd like to dedicate this to my Grandpa, who helped me do this routine.

MC: That's sweet! Is he here? Where's your Grandpa right now?

OLIVE: He's in the trunk of our car.

Rabu, April 13, 2011

Movie Quotes - Little Miss Sunshine - Part 2

Little Miss Sunshine

RICHARD: Honey, tell Frank why you're doing your dance routine.

FRANK: Olive. Why are you doing a dance routine?

OLIVE: For Little Miss Crab-Cakes.

FRANK: A-ha! Just as I suspected...!

SHERYL: Honey, tell him what Little Miss Crab-Cakes is.

OLIVE: Little Miss Crab-Cakes is a beauty contest for everyone in Maryland. But you have to be six or seven years old and you have to be a girl.

SHERYL: Don't look at me! This is Jeff anf the new step-Mom. It's big down in Florida.

FRANK: So what do you think your chances are?

OLIVE: I think I can win. 'Cause a lot of the new girls -- they don't have the experience.


RICHARD: Now there's no sense in entering a contest if you don't think you're gonna win. Now, do you think you can win Little Miss Sunshine? Yes or no, Olive. Are you gonna win?


RICHARD: We're goin' to Florida!


GRANDPA: Can I give you some advice? I'll do it anyway. I don't want you making the same mistakes I did when I was young.

RICHARD: Great. I can't wait to hear this.

GRANDPA: Dwayne? This is the voice of experience talking. Are you listening? Kid: Fuck a lot of women. Not just one woman. A lot of women. You're young...


RICHARD: Dad, I'm going to pull over...

GRANDPA: So pull over! You're not gonna shut me up! Fuck you! I lived 80 years! You're like those fucker at Sunset Village...!

FRANK: What happened at Sunset Village?

SHERYL: Frank, don't encourage him.

GRANDPA: I'll tell you what happened! I pay my money, they let me in. I should be able to do what the fuck I want!

SHERYL: He started snorting heroin.

FRANK: You started snorting heroin?!

GRANDPA: I'm eighty!

FRANK: You know, that stuff'll kill you.

GRANDPA: What am I, an idiot? And don't you get ideas. When you're young, you're crazy to do that shit.

FRANK: What about you?

GRANDPA: Me?! I'm old! You get to be me age -- you're crazy not to do it.


FRANK: So I take it you didn't like it at Sunset Village?

GRANDPA: Are you kidding? Fucking paradise there! They cook for you. Clean for you. You got golf. A pool. Now I'm stuck with Mr. Happy here, sleeping on a sofa!

FRANK: Aren't there other places?

SHERYL: He keeps getting kicked out. Sunset was number four.

GRANDPA: Motherfuckers.


GRANDPA: Hey, listen: I know you're a homo, but... You go to one of these place? There's four women for every guy. What does that say to you?

FRANK: You must've been pretty busy.

GRANDPA: Oh, man. They were knockin' on my door day and night! It was almost too much! If I didn't have those little fuckin' blue pills... Forget about it!

OLIVE: What are you guys talking about?

GRANDPA: Politics.

Selasa, April 12, 2011

Movie Quotes - Little Miss Sunshine - Part 1

Little Miss Sunshine
Michael Arndt

RICHARD: There's two kinds of people in this world -- Winners... and Losers.

If there's one thing you take away from the nine weeks we've spent, it should be this: Winners and Losers. What's the difference?

Winners see their dreams come true. Winners see what they want, they go out and they get it. They don't hesitate. They don't make excuses. And they don't give up. Losers don't get what they want. They hesitate. They make excuses. And they give up. On themselves and their dreams.


SHERYL: Olive?!

OLIVE: Yeah?!

SHERYL: Is Grandpa with you?!

OLIVE: Yeah!

SHERYL: What are you guys doing?

OLIVE: Rehearsing!


JEFF: Sheryt, hey it's Jeff. Listen, great news. You know, when Olive was down here last month, she was runner up in the regional Little Miss Sunshine...? Well, they just called me and said that the girl who won had to forfeit her crown. I don't know why -- something about diet pills -- but anyway, that means Olive won the regionals, so now she has a place in the State contest in Boca.


FRANK: What? You don't talk anymore? Why not? You can talk. You just choose not to? Is that Nietzsche? You don't speak because of Friedrich Nietzsche? Far out.


FRANK: So, Sheryl... I couldn't help notice Dwayne has stopped speaking.

SHERYL: Oh! I'm sorry. Dwayne's taken a vow of silence.

FRANK: You've taken a vow of silence?!

SHERYL: He's gonna join the Naval Academy and become a fighter pilot. He's taken a vow of silence until he reaches that goal.

FRANK: You're kidding...!


RICHARD: How's the new routine coming?

OLIVE: It's good.

RICHARD: When're you gonna let us see it?

OLIVE: I dunno. It's up to Grandpa.

GRANDPA: A couple of days. It needs a polish.


GRANDPA: What is this?! Chicken?! Every day it's the chicken! Holy God almighty! Is it possible, just one time, we could have something for dinner except the goddamn fucking chicken?!


FRANK: When did you start? With the vow?

RICHARD: It's been nine months. He hasn't said a word. I think it shows tremendous discipline.

SHERYL: Richard...

RICHARD: I'm serious! I think we could all learn something from what Dwayne's doing! Dwayne has a goal. He has a dream. It may not be my dream, or your dream, but still... He's pursuing that dream with focus and discipline. In fact, I was thinking abou the Nine Steps...

GRANDPA: Oh, for crying out loud...!


OLIVE: How did it happen?

FRANK: How did what happen?

OLIVE: Your accigent...

SHERYL: Honey...

FRANK: No, it's okay. Unless you object...

SHERY: No, I'm pro-honesty here. I just think, you know... It's up to you.

FRANK: Be my guest...

SHERYL: Olive, Uncle Frank didn't really have an accident. What happens was: he tried to kill himself.

OLIVE: You did? Why?

RICHARD: I don't think this is an appropriate conversation. Let's leave Uncle Frank alone.

OLIVE: Why did you want to kill yourself?

RICHARD: Frank. Don't answer that question.

FRANK: I tried to kill myself because I was very unhappy.

RICHARD: Don't listen, honey, he's sick and he doesn't know what he's...

SHERYL: Richard... Richard... Richard...

RICHARD: What?! I don't think it's appropriate for a six year old!

SHERYL: She's gonna find out any. Go on, Frank.

OLIVE: Why were you unhappy?

FRANK: Well, there were a lot of reasons. Mainly, though, I fell in love with someone who didn't love me back...


FRANK: One of my grad students. I was very much in love with him.

OLIVE: Him? It was a boy? You fell in love with a boy?

FRANK: Yes. I did. Very much so.

OLIVE: That's silly.

FRANK: You're right. It was very, very silly.

GRANDPA: There's another word for it...



OLIVE: So... That's when you tried to kill yourself...?

FRANK: Well, no. What happened was: the boy I was in love with fell in love with another man, Larry Sugarman.

SHERYL: Who's Larry Sugerman?

FRANK: Larry Sugarman is perhaps that second most highly regarded Proust scholar in the U.S..

RICHARD: Who's number one?

FRANK: That would be me, Rich.

OLIVE: So... That's when you tried...?

FRANK: Well, no. What happened was: I was a bit upset. I did some things I shouldn't have done. Subsequently, I was fired, forced to leave my apartment and move into a motel.

OLIVE: Oh. So that's when...?

FRANK: Well, no. Actually, all that was okay. What happened was: two days ago the MacArthur Foundation decided to award a "genius" grant to Larry Sugarman. And that's when...

GRANDPA: ... You tried to check out early.

FRANK: Yes. And I failed at that as well.

Isnin, April 11, 2011

Movie Quotes - Forrest Gump - Part 7

Forrest: (voice-over) You died on a Saturday morning. And I had you placed here under our tree. And I had that house of your father's bulldozed to the ground. Momma always said dyin' was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn't Little Forrest, he's doing just fine. About to start school again soon. I make his breakfast, lunch, and dinner very day. I make sure he combs his hair and brushes his teeth every day. Teaching him how to play ping-pong. He's really good. We fish a lot. And every night, we read a book. He's so smart, Jenny. You'd be so proud of him. I am. He, uh, wrote a latter, and he says I can't read it. I'm not supposed to, so I'll just leave it here for you.

Forrest: Jenny, I don't know if Momma was right or if, if it's Lieutenant Dan. I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time. I miss you, Jenny. If there's anything you need, I won't be far away.