Selasa, April 12, 2011

Movie Quotes - Little Miss Sunshine - Part 1

Little Miss Sunshine
Michael Arndt

RICHARD: There's two kinds of people in this world -- Winners... and Losers.

If there's one thing you take away from the nine weeks we've spent, it should be this: Winners and Losers. What's the difference?

Winners see their dreams come true. Winners see what they want, they go out and they get it. They don't hesitate. They don't make excuses. And they don't give up. Losers don't get what they want. They hesitate. They make excuses. And they give up. On themselves and their dreams.


SHERYL: Olive?!

OLIVE: Yeah?!

SHERYL: Is Grandpa with you?!

OLIVE: Yeah!

SHERYL: What are you guys doing?

OLIVE: Rehearsing!


JEFF: Sheryt, hey it's Jeff. Listen, great news. You know, when Olive was down here last month, she was runner up in the regional Little Miss Sunshine...? Well, they just called me and said that the girl who won had to forfeit her crown. I don't know why -- something about diet pills -- but anyway, that means Olive won the regionals, so now she has a place in the State contest in Boca.


FRANK: What? You don't talk anymore? Why not? You can talk. You just choose not to? Is that Nietzsche? You don't speak because of Friedrich Nietzsche? Far out.


FRANK: So, Sheryl... I couldn't help notice Dwayne has stopped speaking.

SHERYL: Oh! I'm sorry. Dwayne's taken a vow of silence.

FRANK: You've taken a vow of silence?!

SHERYL: He's gonna join the Naval Academy and become a fighter pilot. He's taken a vow of silence until he reaches that goal.

FRANK: You're kidding...!


RICHARD: How's the new routine coming?

OLIVE: It's good.

RICHARD: When're you gonna let us see it?

OLIVE: I dunno. It's up to Grandpa.

GRANDPA: A couple of days. It needs a polish.


GRANDPA: What is this?! Chicken?! Every day it's the chicken! Holy God almighty! Is it possible, just one time, we could have something for dinner except the goddamn fucking chicken?!


FRANK: When did you start? With the vow?

RICHARD: It's been nine months. He hasn't said a word. I think it shows tremendous discipline.

SHERYL: Richard...

RICHARD: I'm serious! I think we could all learn something from what Dwayne's doing! Dwayne has a goal. He has a dream. It may not be my dream, or your dream, but still... He's pursuing that dream with focus and discipline. In fact, I was thinking abou the Nine Steps...

GRANDPA: Oh, for crying out loud...!


OLIVE: How did it happen?

FRANK: How did what happen?

OLIVE: Your accigent...

SHERYL: Honey...

FRANK: No, it's okay. Unless you object...

SHERY: No, I'm pro-honesty here. I just think, you know... It's up to you.

FRANK: Be my guest...

SHERYL: Olive, Uncle Frank didn't really have an accident. What happens was: he tried to kill himself.

OLIVE: You did? Why?

RICHARD: I don't think this is an appropriate conversation. Let's leave Uncle Frank alone.

OLIVE: Why did you want to kill yourself?

RICHARD: Frank. Don't answer that question.

FRANK: I tried to kill myself because I was very unhappy.

RICHARD: Don't listen, honey, he's sick and he doesn't know what he's...

SHERYL: Richard... Richard... Richard...

RICHARD: What?! I don't think it's appropriate for a six year old!

SHERYL: She's gonna find out any. Go on, Frank.

OLIVE: Why were you unhappy?

FRANK: Well, there were a lot of reasons. Mainly, though, I fell in love with someone who didn't love me back...


FRANK: One of my grad students. I was very much in love with him.

OLIVE: Him? It was a boy? You fell in love with a boy?

FRANK: Yes. I did. Very much so.

OLIVE: That's silly.

FRANK: You're right. It was very, very silly.

GRANDPA: There's another word for it...



OLIVE: So... That's when you tried to kill yourself...?

FRANK: Well, no. What happened was: the boy I was in love with fell in love with another man, Larry Sugarman.

SHERYL: Who's Larry Sugerman?

FRANK: Larry Sugarman is perhaps that second most highly regarded Proust scholar in the U.S..

RICHARD: Who's number one?

FRANK: That would be me, Rich.

OLIVE: So... That's when you tried...?

FRANK: Well, no. What happened was: I was a bit upset. I did some things I shouldn't have done. Subsequently, I was fired, forced to leave my apartment and move into a motel.

OLIVE: Oh. So that's when...?

FRANK: Well, no. Actually, all that was okay. What happened was: two days ago the MacArthur Foundation decided to award a "genius" grant to Larry Sugarman. And that's when...

GRANDPA: ... You tried to check out early.

FRANK: Yes. And I failed at that as well.