Khamis, April 28, 2011

Movie Quotes - Inception - Part 6

ARTHUR: You're going to have to master a few tricks if you're going to build three complete dream levels.

ARIADNE: What sort of tricks?

ARTHUR: In a dream, you can cheat architecture into impossible shapes. That lets you create closed loops, like the Penrose Steps. The infinite staircase. See... Paradox. A closed loop like this helps you disguise the boundaries of the dream you've created.

ARIADNE: How big do the levels have to be?

ARTHUR: Anything from the floor of a building, to an entire city. But it has to be complicated enough for us to hide from the projections.

ARIADNE: A maze.

ARTHUR: And the better the maze-

ARIADNE: The longer we have before the projections catch us.

COBB: We need you there to tailor compounds to our particular requirements.

YUSUF: Which are?

COBB: Great depth.

YUSUF: A dream within a dream? Two levels?

COBB: Three.

YUSUF: Not possible. That many dreams within dreams would be too unstable.

COBB: I've done it before. You just have to add a sedative.

YUSUF: A powerful sedative. How many team members?

COBB: Five.

SAITO: Six. The only way to know you've done the job is if I go in with you.

COBB: There's no room for tourists on these jobs, Mr. Saito.

SAITO: This time, it would seem there is.