Jumaat, April 22, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 6

A.J.: I don't have to prove anything to anybody, Harry.

HARRY: I listen to N.A.S.A., you listen to me. That's the chain. Either you follow it, or you're done.

A.J.: I'll follow it.

HARRY: I stood up for you, because I've made a life of proving people wrong. When I was about your age, I was in Galveston, Texas. I scraped together some money, bought some old equipment, a little land. I set up a rig and drilled my first hole. Then I sat there and watched her soak up the sun for six months - waiting for this baby to pop. Everybody told me to quit. I wouldn't listen. My wife ran off with a drill-rigger, left me with Grace. Everybody in town thought I was a fool. But I stayed with it. And in the last hour of the last day, she popped. She spit out that black gold and I danced in it like a wild Indian. I captured the magic. This is the last piece of pipe that struck gold that day.

GOLDEN: In the book of Revalations, the Bible speaks of a final day on Earth, when all mankind shall perish, shall cease to exist. This day is known as Armageddon. Right now, that day conflicts with six billion schedules. For the first time in the history of this planet, s species possesses the technology to prevent it's own extinction. I've been with N.A.S.A. my entire adult life. Eleven years as an astronaut, another fifteen on the ground at Mission Control. Twenty-six years I've had to answer one question -- why? Why more money? Why the race for space? Why do we need to know what is up there? (beat) When we come through this, I'll take comfort in the fact that I won't ever have to answer those questions again. You are our warriors up there. You are our last hope. God be with you.

LEV: I am Cosmonaut Lev Andropov, what your name?

A.J.: My name is A.J.

LEV: You just blew up my home.

MAX: Oh, man, did I have a dream.

BEAR: So did Martin Luther King.

MAX: No, this was a bad dream. We were drilling and the ground ate the bit. Then it ate the pipe, then the derrick. Then it ate us.

BEAR: That's a dumb-ass dream.

MAX: I'm not coming home.

CHICK: Harry, what are you thinking?

HARRY: How beautiful it is. Thinkin' about all that oil I sucked out and spit into the air.Funny how a man can live 46 years and realize he ain't been doing the right thing.

GOLDEN: Yeah, Harry. What's your situation?

HARRY: Situation? You put me down on the worst possible place on this asteroid. I'm drillin' into something I shouldn't. The hole just ate one of my diamond-tipped bits in thirty minutes. That has never happened to me in twenty years.

GOLDEN: You're forty minutes in. You should be down 150 feet. How far are you?

HARRY: Not far. Twenty-three feet.

HARRY: You told me that the only way to deal with this hunk 'o crud is to get a nuke 1000 feet down. You sticking with that?

GOLDEN: Firmly.

HARRY: Great. Glad we have that understanding.

GOLDEN: IF you're gonna pull this off, we have to have a little talk about time...and temperature. Zero Barrier's in two hours.

HARRY: Wait... wait.. what about temperature? When did temperatures come into the picture?

GOLDEN: Harry, your suits are good upto 150 degrees Celsius...

HARRY: And...? How hot is it going to get?

GOLDEN: We didn't anticipate you being on the asteroid so long. The clock is ticking...

HARRY: How hot is it going to get?!

GOLDEN: Three hundred and fifty degrees.

HARRY: Thanks for telling us now, Golden... I don't think my bits can handle those kind of temperatures...

BEAR: A.J. Frost. Back from the dead.

CHICK: Now you can die with us.

HARRY: It's so beautiful up here. So pure. I remember something I read once, "The world is a fine place... and worth fighting for." Gracie, I'm just an iron-ass-warrior doin' what's best. Take care of A.J. I'll look in on you from time to time...