Selasa, April 19, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 2

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 2

GOLDEN: One giant leap for Mankind. Everyone remember that? This is what we are going to do. We're going to fly to that asteroid with a nuclear device, implant it and get off before it blows. Quincy?

Quincy: Look: set a fire cracker off in your open palm, you get a third degree burn. Close your fist, It'll do some serious damage. If we can get a nuke deep in one of the asteroid's fault lines, she'll split in two, like a diamond.


HARRY: Almost caught that little bastard.

Grace: Having fun? Sure sliced the shit outta that one.

HARRY: Watch your language, Gracie.

Grace: Seagulls swallow those and they die.

HARRY: Stupid birds.


HARRY: Hey there, what can I do for you?

GREENPEACE LEADER: This is an official protest.

HARRY: 'Course it is. I love you guys. You like dolphins and whales, I like 'em too. Hey, I know you. You too. Didn't you have shorter hair?

GREENPEACE LEADER: Stamper, do you know what this thing does to the eco-system?

HARRY: How'd you get out here? Canoe? Rowboat? Oh, that boat down there with a thousand horsepower diesel!

GREENPEACE LEADER: How can you wake up every day and look at yourself in the mirror?

HARRY: The same way you did when you blow-dried your hair this morning. And you used a curling iron, I betcha. Did you know most electricity's from burning oil? I'll stop drillin' when the world - stops using it. Bennie, start 'er up!


HARRY: Can't wait! I'm a businessman! Those goons over there gave me 57 mil. to find oil and they ain't leavin' till I do! 'cause they have no lives!


FLIP: Look it that sucker. They got a nuke up there in sixteen hours?

SKIP: It'll never fly. Never.

CLARK: Three things the Russians make well, guys - vodka, gymnasts and rockets. Don't count 'em out.

GOLDEN: It's the late 20th century, I run the U.S. Space Program, and I'm praying to God the Russians are better at this than we are...