Selasa, Julai 23, 2019


Only involve in something you need to involve.
The price of time effort all matters.
To grow in one place, beyond another.

Isnin, Julai 22, 2019

The Rubick

My story is my legend, which is one of it are out of the counterpart of Eisen. We have seen to much blood, tear and sweat in order to get the true muscle of Haze.

Nor the place went too far for the elder to take off. We decide to live in deceive.

I bring honour to who speak to the Terror. We sacrifice the only one thing belong to no one.

It is justice they said, and it is discord in another way. Full of blood, full of tear and the rubble awaken to Rubick.

Ahad, Julai 21, 2019

Write In English

What do you think when I wrote in English. It is a response to our Prime Minister, to recontinue to teach Mathematics and Sciences in English. Do you accept the idea?

It is said that to continue to survive in this world, one must master one of the strongest languages belong to one of the strongest nations. Advance civilization.

There are things that make Malaysia as unadvanced civilization. Mindset and action.