Isnin, April 18, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 1


An impact equivalent to ten thousand nuclear weapons detonating simultaneously.

One hundred trillion tons of dirt and rock hurled into the atmosphere.

A blanket of dust the sun is powerless to penetrate. For five thousand years our world is robbed of light as a nuclear winter falls. In that darkness, a civilisation is removed from existence.


JIMBO: When are we going to let N.A.S.A in on what we've found?

THEO: We don't even know what we have yet. Comet, asteroid - it could be anything up there. And don't be so eager to red flag N.A.S.A. They don't call us when they discover anything.


GOLDEN: Okay guys, one of the worst days in N.A..S.A history just got worse. Ten million to one. A rogue comet came from deep space and collided with an asteroid. Some kids actually got a picture of the collision event and told no one. The stuff that hit this morning was the collision's forward-thrown matter, mere pebbles from what's about to come. Walter?

CLARK: A big asteroid. E.T.A., eighteen days. A lot bigger than the five mile one that obliterated the dinosaurs.

GOLDEN: The size of Texas.


Temple: Dan, we're all here. Tell us what we're up against.

GOLDEN: In it's simplest terms? The end of Mankind. One asteroid, one mile wide or bigger, impacts the Earth with the equivalent force of all the nuclear weapons in the world, times a thousand. Half our population will die within 24 hours from tidal waves and heat pulses. The other half won't be so lucky. In the end, it will be men eating the flesh of other men. (beat) It's not the end of the world, General, the world - Earth - will still be here. But there will be no life - maybe cockroaches and some resilient strands of bacteria.