Khamis, April 21, 2011

Movie Quotes - Armageddon - Part 5

DR BANKS: Mr. Stamper, your men...are...take Mr. Chappel. I believe they call him Chic.

HARRY: Charles, but if you call him that, he'll kill you.

DR BANKS: I assume you're joking. Your men show aggression, extreme maladjustment to their surroundings, anti-social behaviour --

HARRY: With all due respect, Doctor, I don't know too many army guys who are social when someone is trying to jam a tube up their butt.

DR BANKS: Does your company have a drug testing program? These toxicology reports are a throwback to the sixties. All show huge levels of nicotine and alcohol. Three of the, four show illegal drugs. A couple I had to look up. One of them had "Kematine" -- a very potent sedative.

HARRY: A lot of people take sedatives.

DR BANKS: This one is used on horses.

HARRY: I don't tell my men how to live their lives. They're with me to do a job and they do it well.

GOLDEN: This is getting us nowhere. Can they fly, or not?

DR BANKS: Failed. Failed. Really failed. Under the circumstances... They're the finest physical specimens I've ever seen.

QUINCY: Pressurised titanium alloy cab. Airlocked life support. The chassis's by General Motors. Heavy duty suspension and six wheel drive.

HARRY: How were you going to power your drill arm?

QUINCY: Turbo-jet engine fuelled by Kerosene and liquid oxygen.

HARRY: I need to be able to start and stop. I need different speeds, and I need reverse.

QUINCY: A jet engine can't do that.

HARRY: It can if it's hooked up to a clutch. A.J., get me a Mack truck transmission.

QUINCY: That's so simple it's brilliant.

HARRY: I'm a simple man. But don't underestimate me.

CHUCK JR.: On this mission, they tell me you will experience the worst G-Forces in the history of flight. It's like an elephant sitting on your chest. So, I intend to flip you, spin you, splat your bodies till your bones hurt. Now load up and enjoy the flight.

SHARP: Trainees, at ease. We are not done here. We're taking you for a little ride. This bird will climb to 40 thousand feet and drop to 10 thousand feet to give you the feeling of weightlessness for 30 seconds. Welcome to N.A.S.A.'s Vomit Comet.

DENISE: What was I supposed to tell him? We've got a life here now, Chick, with someone we can depend on.

CHICK: What I did before was wrong. Every day of my life I regret it. I can see you've got a good thing going, Denise, I'm not trying to mess that up. But this thing's come my way and I got the chance to do something really right.

DENISE: This another one of your scams, Chick?

CHICK: It's no scam. You might just be proud of me.

DENISE: What's going on, Chick?

CHICK: I can't tell you now. But if it comes out good, I'll be back. Then maybe you'd consider telling Tommy I'm not a...salesman. It's good to see you. You look really beautiful.

DENISE: Hey, Chick. You be careful.

STU: Kennedy lied about the Bay of Pigs, Nixon - Watergate, say no more. Clinton. One word - 'Women.' If I know one thing; ALL PRESIDENTS LIE.