Selasa, Oktober 11, 2011

stories of Nescafe and Nescafe o pull hot

Nescafe o: I want to close your story about a story that can be used as home instruction.

Nescafe drop: ok! I hear :)

Nescafe o: this morning .. I received phone call from my old friends .. he was in trouble ..

Nescafe pull: what happened to him?

Nescafe o: he is on the way to the hospital ... camp calls .. her accident ..

Nescafe drop: ya allah .. worse to him wak? Accident cemana that?

Nescafe o: I am not really sure cemana tu accident occurred .. but for sure his broken leg!

Nescafe drop: O God .... is he your mercy! How is the husband she? have children?

Nescafe o: sorry for her .. I received sad news at the middle of her accident .. Posted at up there last year, recently found out my wife's accident on the way to the station .. wet wife arrested with another man.

Nescafe drag: she had a child?

Nescafe o: yes ... they have kids .... very sad you are ... ..

Nescafe drop: next step?

Nescafe o: her husband wanted to divorce his wife ... and want to take care of their children without his wife on the side again ...