Selasa, Jun 07, 2011

Kelebihan DiGi Opera Mini - Kenapa Ramai Orang Sukakannya?

Amiene Rev is a non-smartphone lover. He love Digi Opera Mini since then. So today, he try to spread the magnificent DiGi Opera Mini, which is the best mobile phone internet browser.

Why should you use Opera Mini™?

Kenapa anda harus cuba Opera Mini?

1. Opera Mini™ is the best way to browse the full Internet on your phone

1. Opera Mini adalah cara terbaik untuk melayari Internet menerusi telefon anda.
Opera Mini™ is the world's most popular mobile browser for a reason. It gets you to where you want to go faster, providing you with a satisfying, full web experience on your phone. By downloading Opera Mini™, you can use your mobile phone to access your favourite websites and content, including your mail, community sites, news, blogs and more.
Opera Mini merupakan pelayar internet bagi telefon mudah alih yang paling popular. Dengan Opera Mini, anda akan dapat melayari internet dengan lebih mudah dan cepat. Anda akan dapat mengakses pelbagai laman web, termasuk e-mel, laman komuniti, berita, blog dan sebagainya.

2. Browse more, faster, and spend less on data.
2. Melayari internet dengan lebih pantas, jimatkan kos masa penggunaan interent menerusi telefon bimbit semata-mata untuk mendapatkan data.
Save data costs while you surf the Internet without limits. Opera Mini™ delivers more "bang for the buck" by reducing your data usage substantially. Opera Mini™ uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing Web pages by up to 90% - making loading time shorter and data charges lower. As you get more for less, the more you browse, the more you would want to browse!
Apabila internet dapat dilayari semakin pantas, maka kredit yang digunakan untuk melayari internet tentulah lebih jimat!

3. Get the full web on any mobile phone with Opera Mini™.
3. Jimatkan perbelanjaan. Tidak perlu beli smartphone.
Your phone can offer you the full Web at your fingertips! Opera Mini™ delivers a full, fast Internet experience on virtually any mobile phone. You do not need the newest, best smartphone to access the full Web, as the Opera's well-designed browser smartly fits webpages to your screen.
Sesetengah pengguna telefon bimbit tidak suka guna smartphone kerana mudah dijangkiti virus. Ada juga yang tidak suka guna smartphone kerana tidak suka dengan pelbagai fungsi yang tidak digunakan. Jadi, kini, pengguna non-smartphone juga boleh melayari internet dengan pantas tanpa perlukan smart-phone. Jimat belanja, jimat kos, internet cepat. Semuanya menerusi Opera Mini.

4. Access the Web's most popular sites and activities, such as interactive social networking, on your phone.
4. Boleh melayari pelbagai laman sosial interaktif menerusi telefon bimbit bukan smart-phone. Hebat!
Join the interactive, always-on party and be in constant contact with your network of family and friends! The Opera's sophisticated bookmark management allows you to keep track of a large number of your favorite sites, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
Bayangkan tanpa memiliki smartphone, anda masih boleh melayari Facebook, Twitter dan MySpace! Hebat bukan!

Tidak ada internet browser sebaik DiGi Mini Opera buat masa ini.