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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie Synopsis and Poster

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie Synopsis and Poster

The film opens with Greg (Zachary Gordon) and his family attending a skating rink for the year's new Seventh Graders. Here he reunites with his best friend Rowley (Robert Capron) and classmates Fregley (Grayson Russell) and Chirag (Karan Brar). Greg then meets Holly Hills (Peyton R. List), who immediately becomes his love interest. Chirag then tells Greg of Holly Hills and says that he (Chirag) googled her. While attempting to skate with Holly, Greg's older brother Rodrick (Devon Bostick) intervenes, ending with their mother (Rachael Harris) speaking to him on the loudspeaker and further humiliating him by getting Greg's father (Steve Zahn) carrying him off the rink. As weeks go by, Greg's mom notices that the boys do not get along, and calls for a family meeting. She gives them a new incentive to get on together by rewarding them with "Mom Bucks", which they can trade in for real money. The boys eagerly accept and compete with each other to earn the Mom Bucks.

After a talent show is advertised on TV, the brothers see this as a big opportunity, Rowley suggesting he and Greg perform magic tricks, whilst Rodrick sees this as his band's big break. Greg and Rowley film Rowley lip-synching "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha and upload it to YouTube, which becomes an online hit, although only for two days.

On Sunday, the Heffley family goes to church. Greg is extremely reluctant to go inside, as a melted 3 Musketeers bar, intentionally placed on his seat by Rodrick, has stained his trousers. Greg's mom uses her blouse to cover up the stain, but the cover-up backfires when the family go to take communion and Rodrick exposes Greg's pants and the boys ultimately end up in a scuffle on the floor.

As punishment the brothers are to spend a weekend together to bond, whilst their parents and youngest brother Manny leave on a pre-planned holiday for the entire family. Against his parents' orders, Rodrick hosts a party at the house and locks Greg up in the basement. Rowley comes to 'save' Greg, but Rodrick locks him up in the basement as well, until a call from their mother ends in Rodrick letting the two out in return for their silence on the matter.

The next day the two get a call from their mom informing them Manny is sick and they're returning early from their vacation. The house is trashed, and the boys only have an hour to clean it up and erase all evidence of the party before their parents arrive home. A door marked with 'Rodrick Rules' in permanent marker leads the brothers to replace it, before realizing it has no lock. Their mother notices it after a while, causing Greg to confess. However, in order to prevent Rodrick from getting angry at him (Rodrick previously had told him to "deny everything"), he says the party was only a band rehearsal, and the two escape punishment. Rodrick, thinking Greg did deny everything, tells Greg he's 'not as half as lame as he thought', and the two brothers become friends. Greg asks Rodrick for advice on Holly Hills, but his attempts fail and embarrass him instead.

The boys, as friends, go out for a night of fun, with their mother's warning to be home at 9. They go for smoothies then prank people by putting fake vomit on their cars. After surprising various people returning to their cars, the two put the fake vomit on one last car only to discover the owner to be Coach Malone (Andrew McNee), Greg's soccer coach. They run off with the coach chasing them. Rodrick willingfully helps Greg by pulling him out of the dumpster. The two run off to the mall with the coach still chasing them, and put their jackets on manaquinns, which he tackles. The two brothers go home, laughing. Greg and Rodrick return home,at 8:55,only to find that their father has inadvertently come across photos of the party. The boys are punished, Greg is grounded for two weeks with no video games, and Rodrick is grounded for a month and is not allowed to participate in the talent show.

The brothers instantly go back to their former relationship and spend the weekend with their grandfather in his retirement home. Whilst there, Greg runs into Holly, who was visiting her grandmother, and it is revealed they have identical families. Holly gives him some advice and the two part, Greg feeling more positive.

Greg then proceeds to write his positive feelings about Holly on his Diary which Rodrick gets ahold of and reads. Rodrick then threatens to tell Holly and runs towards the lobby to do so. Greg, despite being in his underwear, chases after Rodrick and manages to snatch away the diary and runs towards the bathroom and starts ripping out the pages of the diary and flushes them down the toilet. However, he discovers he is in the ladies' room, but manages to evade the angry women who think he is a Peeping Tom. He arrives back in only to find that Rodrick caught everything on tape via security camera and threatens to show it to everyone.

At the talent show a few nights later, Rowley's performance is unable to take place, as his eight-year-old assistant Scotty gets stage fright. Greg's mom says he will do the show with Rowley, but Greg refuses, saying he doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of Holly. Greg notices Rodrick is about to cry because he can't play. Rodrick notices his band members are motioning him to come. Greg follows and witnesses how Rodrick's band members kick him out of the band he created. Greg then bargains with his mom to allow Rodrick to perform, if he will perform with Rowley. Mom accepts the bargain.Greg sees Rodrick thanking his mom, then he sees Gregs and nods at him for letting him play. The Magic show is a hit with the audience and Holly Hills meets Greg backstage whilst other girls are getting Rowley's autograph and tells him she loved their show. Rodrick and his band perform, and sing their song Explöded Diper. The crowd isn't impressed, until they see Greg's mom dancing and dance along. Rodrick gets to perform, Greg's mom is happy and overall, Greg is happy having fixed his problems with his family.

The film ends with Rodrick driving Greg to school. Rodrick tells Greg that it was cool of him to let him play last night. The boys forgive each other, then Rodrick gives Greg the tape back, telling him not to talk about it or he'll put it on YouTube. As Greg arrives at school, Rodrick playfully then calls Greg "doofus" and they both smile at each other. Then Greg says "Later buttbrain" and the two boys create a new friendship by realizing it's fun to have a brother. At the end Rodrick informs Greg that he spilt Juice on the sofa and blamed on him. Greg gets him back by putting the video of him in the talent contest on Youtube and calls it "Lame Band with Crazy Dancing Mom", then Rodrick shouts that he will kill Greg.

Greg Heffley is entering seventh grade. Greg and his friend Rowley are "undersized weaklings" in their school, hoping simply to just survive, but Greg starts having trouble at home, especially since his mom, Susan initiates a "swear jar" that complicates matters when she gives all the money in the jar to Manny, Greg's younger brother. Susan also initiates the "Mom Bucks" program. Mom Bucks is a system in which they earn play money by doing extra chores and they can cash it in for real money, each worth one cent (to Greg's dismay), or getting out of doing chores. The program runs into problems when Rodrick takes all of Greg's Mom Bucks to get his poorly written history paper to turn in after the power went out and Greg doesn't know anything about one-hundred years ago. Susan also causes more problems when she bans junk food in the house. Greg tries every attempt to impress his crush on Holly Hills, but sees no change in Holly. Rodrick and Greg have problems throughout the book, including Rodrick and his band, "Löded Diper" throwing a wild party while their parents are away. Greg is forced to use whatever means he can to cover this up to avoid getting in trouble, and fails as one of Rodrick's friends take several photos of the party. Greg has a big secret he refuses to tell until the last moment of the book. The story goes that Greg is at Leisure Towers, his grandpa's senior citizen apartment complex. He's writing in the previous journal and Rodrick grabs it. As Rodrick is running from Greg, he trips on Gutbusters, a board game his grandpa enjoys. Greg flees from the apartment to the bathrooms in the lobby. Grandpa watches the lobby security monitor, he can see everything. Greg enters the ladies room and believes that the ladies made a mistake but he soon realizes he has made a mistake and has a janitor take him out. Rodrick gets angry at Greg and spills his secret. But details are mixed up and people believe he snuck into the girls high school locker room and took photos. So there's your title, "Rodrick Rules"

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie Facts, Synopsis and Poster

Directed by David Bowers
Produced by Nina Jacobson
Brad Simpson
Ethan Smith
Screenplay by Jeff Filgo
Jeff Judah
Gabe Sachs
Based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules by
Jeff Kinney
Starring Zachary Gordon
Devon Bostick
Robert Capron
Rachael Harris
Steve Zahn
Connor and Owen Fielding
Peyton R. List
Karan Brar
Grayson Russell
Laine MacNeil
Terence Kelly
Fran Kranz
Music by Edward Shearmur
Cinematography Jack N. Green
Editing by Troy Takaki
Studio Color Force
Fox 2000 Pictures
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) March 25, 2011
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $21 million

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie Facts, Synopsis and Poster

Author(s) Jeff Kinney
Illustrator Jeff Kinney
Cover artist Jeff Kinney
Country United States
Language English
Series Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Genre(s) Comedy
Publisher Amulet Books
Publication date February 1, 2008
Media type Print (paperback, hardcover)
Pages 217
ISBN 978-0-8109-9473-7
Preceded by Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Followed by Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

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