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The Lessons I’ve Learnt about Blogging

My Life As A Blogger - Series 1
The Lessons I’ve Learnt about Blogging
Originally Written by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

There are many lessons I can get from blogging. I become a blog reviewer last two years and from that I learn many best thing about career, life, skills and many more.

01. There is a way to solve our problem
Most people have something to share. Anxiety. Sadness and Sorrow. Opinion. Problem. I found that blogging is such one good way to share our problem. You tell something that put your emotion down. Someone from unknown place will become your angel. This is true thing. But, before that, I recommend you to go and write comment on other blogger's post first so they will get your blog link.

02. It is the most powerful way to spread our stand
Do you have very very great great opinion about one issue? You should understand that blog somehow faster than a bullet. You got cross over the local public media. With a blog, you can gain your own fan and follower, if you have very accurate facts to give speeches in your blog. Write down your entry, blame someone, praise someone and see what kind of reaction you will get.

03. It is the best way to full your fantasy of being popular person
Ever heard about one hot chick named Sister Furong Jijie. I wonder why there still exist the word Sister instead of only using Jijie? Furong Jijie or Sister Lotus was once the most popular ever exist girl who succeed in becoming a very popular person around her country, China. Her popularity are well-known and once involve the goverment. Wow! Do you still underestimate the power of blog?

04. Blog is a one way for you to understand other
Sometimes, letters written by pen, type by keyboards are different than words spell out by our tongue, teeth and mouth. You can said it, but with your heart, you move your hand and act. It is something like you kill a person and say, I'm sorry I don't mean it. Or you slap your girlfriend or your boyfriend face and then you said, "Oh, my God,". Your mouth can't said it but your heart, your feeling can motivate your arms, fingers and any other part of your body to act for something. It is common thing, we can say blogger's pieces of words and the real person is differ. We have fantasy on what we are. Because of this, you can see what a person understand about him or herself by reading they writing styles. Whatever they can't talk, they write it on their blog. It is a pure nature. You fear of something, your body hair goes straight but you won't say a word.

05. Blog is one of the most powerful political weapon
If you're a politician, it is a stupid thing you don't have a blog. Barrack Obama himself is the writer of the best hit books; Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. Writing is about black and white, proof. Saying is a repeating and somehow it annoying our ears. If you read something, you can take a rest from reading.

06. Blog is one of the best way to promote and sell your product.
Blog is a unique weapon but still not stand on it's own. You can use their extended tools such as,, and many more to increase the interaction and understanding about what you're going to sell to your prospect. Just type words like buy a house and then you got many title about how to buy a good house for your family? Cheap house to rent and anything. If you are self-publisher of your very own books. You can start your internet book store buy making a blog.

07. Blog design is simple and everbody love it!
Believe or not, one day people will start to read news in a form of a blog. Blog is interactive. If a media give a shit to a fact for one news to fool people, you can blame the media in the blog and show the truth, give some link so next time when other visitor come to read the news, they see the link and they click on the link and then they got different perspective, different reason, different facts and proofs about the news. See, how democratic the world is when blog is taking over this world. No more sweet candy news of fool to our people.

08. Make money with your blog with just type some words!
Blog is truly a money maker tool from heaven to home. You write and you got money. You spend your time writing something and still, you can get money. With many advertisement widgets for blog, which pay you some penny and cents and ringgits and dollar or scam you out there! You can make money with your blog!

09. Enemies and friends are now global
If you involve to far in a blog world, going to strengthen your opinion about some issue. You got a problem, kid. You will uprising the angers of some reader and else they become your allies. Politician issues, religion issues, enviromental issues and many more, is something something you must take care about. When you start writing, if you're have good traffic for you blog, there must be a chance for you to make friend or foe.

10. Crazy about gain traffic to your blog is really crazy!
Do you know that when there are many people come to you blog, your blog will be loading slow and that will cost you money. So it is a good thing if you're in business and want to attract or focus on one group of people in same category. For example you're an internet book seller, so write about books, your books, the benefit and issue related to your book theme. Else, you will get some punk who just making noise at your blog.

11. Good way to become an online educator
Are you a teacher? Are you a lecturer or researcher or a tutor? If you're true heart or true born teacher, why not use your blog to write something relate to your teaching subject? Do you realize how many kids around the world use the internet to find some good facts or answer to their homework or experiment? Do you realize some pupils in your class cheating in essay writing by copying some free material from the internet? Internet is a scary thing, as it is good to be use for education purpose. Wikipedia, is one of the most popular internet tools for youngster. It is a fact.

12. Blog is one good way to improve your skills and confident in writing
I normally write in Malay. Yea, Malay is my language here. Guys, girls, I am Malaysian. So if you found some bad bad grammars, misspelling or anything not good in my writing, I don't really care as long my message can be understand. I do have confident in my writing so, we just write as we talk. Typing the word as fast as we talk. We gain confident. And so, the skills.

13. Internet Addict
Who ever fall into the world of blogging, should curious about their internet habits. Do you ever feel something like worried about you got no idea to write for today's post? Do you ever feel something like guilty if you do not post anything for yesterday. Do you care about people comment you and you didn't answer? Do you think that it is not a perfect life if you can't log into your blog account for 24 hours? You sure got internet addict. Beware, my friend. Beware my 'kawan'. This should be the last lesson you should get from the internet.

This is a series of My Life As A Blogger written by Amiene Rev.