Ahad, Jun 29, 2008

Before You Go Suicide, Read This As A Good Bye

My Life As A Blogger - Series 2
The Meaning Of Life
You Think Dying Is Better? Yeah, That Make Sense If...
Originally Written By Amiene Rev (C) 2008

You going down everyday. You feel tired. You feel it is a good to say "Life is a bore, days such a whore! Taking my days from me, but I got no pleasure at all!"

Or perhaps you might come with this good idea of freak people, "I am a loner, I wish dying is better." Why need to go for suicide?

Else, you might say, "What is the good thing to live? What is the meaning of life? I think dying is suitable to me!"

Yea, you can go die and send my regards to the demons in hells or else if you're an atheist, ah, what it look like to live in darkness?

I am a good person. You said to yourself. Why world threat me like this? Why anything is wrong with me. Why me!?!?!?!?!?! And you got no answer. Just silence. You went to somewhere high and get ready to fall so your brain can break up dan split some pinky meat and blood, whow that is thing. Or you can hang your neck on a fan, and it is a good thing if that fan has a remote control that you can swith the fan to the highest level of speed so you can die and dancing. That's good idea.

But, do you realize that you have your own decision. What make you feel dying is better? You are coward. Believe me, you are a coward. You wish that you're dying and you are happy to see yourself going to die. You're a loser. Accept it, you are.. a.. loser.

Why becoming a loser? Why don't you try a good game like, "I am a loser, but I will beat your game; treating me, bully me, give me disaster or anything."

Do you know that 'loser' is your hidden talent? Why? Unbelieveable? Loser is your talent. So why should you die? Do you think people will remember you? You will rot in the ground and nobody will talk about you. You have a special talent. It is called loser.

Our life has full of meaning. Do you realise it or do you not realize it. Do you realize I have bad grammar? Yea, my grammar is bad so that's why I continue practice writing since I know grammar is anything to do with life. I keep writing and spread my messages. Do you have blog? Use your blog! Do you can write? Write anything. Forget that you are a loser in grammar. Forget you are loser in anything. You can't become other people, but you can become the upgraded version of yourself. The stronger loser.

Before, you think you can't get any job. You are a loser when it is about finding a job. Not anymore! You're a stronger loser. You can accept that you will not have job so you can create... your... own.. job! Why waiting for other people? There are hundreds of jobs in the world you can go just seek in by the internet. Local, overseas and anywhere. Why there exist people with lower academic can get job but you're not. Remember, that you are a loser, job loser catogerized and it is normal for a loser in job category to get start with lower job. Do you know that a loser talent is start from the root. When the root grow stronger, you will become stronger. Strengthen your root. Remember what Amiene Rev say? Strengthen your root.

What is your root? Root is the essence of life. Root is your remarkable talent inside yourself. You're a loser because you left all your roots. Your roots can be anything. It might be the ability to write something, to compose a song, to sprint in the fastest speed, to talk to people, to draw an imagination, to count to unlimited and many more. Know your root and you will become stronger than anyone else, yeah, that is, when we compare them to your scope of root. Don't get hype.

Do you know what I am doing. I am writing something so I hope I can help you. This is a part of my life as a blogger. Writing something that can give some guide to some people, specific people in their life. This part... is called... Helping People. You see? Even my grammars is suck, I still can write and, it seem that you can go far writing to this point.

Do you really a loser? Nooottttt.... you just a noob (newbie). Welcome to the world of knowing your root! Well, good bye. See you soon.

This post is copyrighted under Amiene Rev writing materials.