Ahad, Jun 15, 2008

Guided By Dreams

When you read this, then you knew that I am practicing my English here. It took me weeks to come with this English entry. I seem to be busy for days and weeks so I make some automatic posting schedules earlier. Today, I have some free time to contribute a prompt related to Sunday Scribblings Blog.

Some people might think I am a freak. But I am not a freak because I can have these premonitions. Because some person do. It was said, during the ages of Lord, Duke and Duchess, that there were many kings, queens, emperors, prince, princess and wise men, also magi, dream about their future and interpret the dream to prepare for any challenge happening in future.

It make no different. I did not believe in my dream. If it going to be happen that let's be it. I suppose to walk my days like others. So we have nothing to worry about. As long as we, people, man, so called human beings, make good things everyday, contribute good things everyday, and live as living intellectual, kind and obedient creature of God, then we should not worry about the future. When we die, we die in harmony.

So, should we, people relate ourselves to be guided by the dreams? No. What can we do when it happened in our dream that it is to be something like Holocaust, when the Big Nose people pictured and post in the newspaper? When the Nazi killed more than one millions Jews as told in the Anne Frank? Now it is in museum.

What we should do when we saw in our dream or perhaps Bill Gates saw it in his Microsoft's Paper Spreadsheets software’s about the nine eleven things to be happened?

Or if it about Stephen Hawkings sight about the nebula and big bang theory? Or if it is something about the union of Syiah and Sunnah followers?

If it something we see in the dream, it is not about how important is the dream to guide us, but how is we react to settle the issue before, or when or after it happened to us. We are not easily said, we are guided by dreams. We decided ourselves because we're all selected person by God. We know what we should do. Do you?

I said, "Do you?"