Rabu, April 02, 2008

The Fallen Angel In Math - Shilpa Lee

The Fallen Angel In Mathematic - Shilpa Lee
this is a poem dedicated to a girl, once a genius in Mathematic
Written by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

Shilpa Lee
you must be an alter
of a core
a girl, a prodigy in Math

Shilpa Lee
a hooker
you have a beautiful name before
that make people want to be in your path

Shilpa Lee
don't let your life to be darker
making our heart and eye sore
please put the good submisson in your oath

Shilpa Lee
you once consider a talent in Mathematic
but why your life is so dramatic
where is your logic?
this is a test that God set to you in a practic
you must face it with not only one tactic

Shilpa Lee
there always be chance
that you can again leaping over fence
to see the world without border with your lense
for freedom of humanity to be dance
please wake up and take your stance

Shilpa Lee
I pray for you to become an icon
and set a goal for future beacon
the light is still there for you to go on

Shilpa Lee
when you still breathe and live
please get out from your dirty hive
you still have chance for truth to strive

Shilpa Lee
I really sad for what you are now
please do not fall in despair
I'm waiting for the good news to be appear
the past cannot be change
but the future can be create
stop being a fallen angel in math
you can still become an icon when you return and be good
a woman is a man's pride
let create the good destiny so you can ride

Your sincerely,
Amiene Rev