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STREAMYX - Rahsia Terbongkar - The Truth Guide About Streamyx Before And Now

About Streamyx: Technology behind Streamyx
The technology which supports Streamyx service is DSL. It stands for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL is the next generation of Internet access technology. A house or business with DSL has a data socket that looks like a phone socket. DSL is a direct connection to the Internet that is always on. Technology has basically enhanced the copper pair to enable data communication at rates of up to 4Mbps.


The types of DSL technology chosen to support Streamyx are ADSL and SDSL. ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. It allows you to simultaneously access the net and use the phone or fax (at the same time).

Streamyx - Speed Test
SDSL stands for Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. The different between ADSL and SDSL is SDSL offers the customer symmetric bandwidth upstream and downstream to a customer (eg. 1.5Mb/s SDSL offers the customer 1.5Mb/s downstream speed as well as 1.5Mb/s upstream speed). Technologically, SDSL does not allow voice/fax (PSTN) over the same copper.

An ADSL system basically consists of two parts i.e. the Central Office (CO) which is located at the exchange building and the other, Remote Termination Unit (RTU) at subscriber's premise. The Central Office (CO) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) are connected via an existing pair of copper telephone lines. Diagram below shows the Direct (ADSL) set up.

How to fix the slow streamyx connection?
The basic think you need to do is tweak your internet connection is by optimizing the TCP/IP setting. What is TCP/IP? Well, basically it is the suite of communication protocols used to connect host on the internet. If your TCP/IP settings are configured properly, you can achieve good speed with your broadband connection.

The second step is to optimize your internet browser. We will make the browser suit the type of your internet connection whether you use 512Kbps package or the 1 Mbps package. Both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer can be optimized using this tweak.

The third step is to get avoid from traffic-shaping by applying some tweak for your favourite torrent client. This is very useful for P2P fan.

TM Net
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  • TM Net Sdn. Bhd. Tmnet.png
  • Type PLC
  • Founded 1995
  • Headquarters Cyberjaya, Malaysia
  • Key people Jeremy Kung (CEO)
  • Industry Internet service provider
  • Parent TM Bhd.
  • Website
  • TM Net headquarters
  • The new TM Net headquarters

TM Net is a Malaysian ISP which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the government linked TM Bhd. The company holds a near monopoly for Internet service in Malaysia, largely because almost all the last mile connections in the country are owned by TMNet's parent company, TM Bhd.

* 1 History Of Streamyx
* 2 Products and services
* 3 Criticism of TM Net
o 3.1 Slower speed and reliability
o 3.2 Last mile monopoly and lack of competition
o 3.3 Peer-to-peer connection throttling
* 4 Customer initiatives
* 5 References
* 6 External links

History Of Streamyx
TM Net was established in 1995 by the then state-owned and now government linked telecommunications company, Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

It was deployed in 1995 on a technical trial and commercial trial between TMnet and COINS. The first commercial trial of xDSL by TM was done through a service known as HiS that was deployed together with Ericsson in 1999. Streamyx was launched in 2001.
Products and services

TM Net offers internet DSL broadband access under the brandname Streamyx. For the Streamyx Internet ADSL service, subscribers are offered internet speeds between 384kbit/s to 4 Mbit/s on a "BEST EFFORT" basis.

“We are committed to meet the evolving needs of business travelers and most mobile and technology-savvy professionals with the forthcoming wireless Broadband Internet connectivity even if that means installing new technology. Our wireless broadband solution like tmnet hotspot will bring the freedom and flexibility of being unwired. We believe with a higher Notebook penetration, we can foster a new mobile Internet lifestyle, thus help transform the way people work and communicate more effectively. Staying connected will definitely boost our ability to be more productive and competitive,” said TM Net Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Dato’Baharum Salleh in 2002. He has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer, TM Wholesale 2005.
[edit] Criticism of TM Net

TM Net has been criticised locally on a range of issues. This section outlines some of the criticisms faced by TM Net. Many people have complained of its poor services.

Slower speed and reliability
TM Net subscribers have complained about slow speeds and the general lack of reliability of connections provided. However TM Net’s terms states, like those of other ISPs around the world, that "the service they provide is based on a best effort basis",[1] meaning that connections are not guaranteed to perform at their advertised theoretical speeds. Lower than advertised performance could be due to ageing copper lines, insufficient bandwidth, high contention ratios , or simply an apathy due to a lack of competition. In light of this, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has outlined mandatory standards for quality of service,[2] it is however unclear if the standards are being enforced or whether TM Net currently meets these standards. Common complaints about connection stability and data transfer issues appear related to poorly-maintained last-mile copper connections and gateway bandwidth limitations respectively. The standard reply provided by customer service operators is that TM are unable to do anything about the complaints as issues due to loss of data packets traveling through overseas internet pipelines are beyond TM Net's domain.

Last mile monopoly and lack of competition
Unlike the EU, Malaysia has passed little legislation for the unbundling of last mile connections.[3] This gives little chance for other companies to compete with TM Net. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has made a limited concession toward unbundling through its Access List Determination,[4] although industry players remain sceptical[5]. The result of a lack of competition is clearly seen in the fact that broadband packages offered by TM Net, when measured by bandwidth-to-cost ratios, have basically stood still since service inception, while competitive markets have seen a manyfold increase in bandwidth and a drop in subscription costs during the corresponding period.
[edit] Peer-to-peer connection throttling

TM Net's view on P2P usage is that it is 'unfair',[6] and implements traffic shaping, in line with its Fair Usage Policy.[7] Throttling P2P usage is at odds with TM Net's marketing of 'unlimited' broadband.

TM Speedometer Website

This site is an Internet speed test site, where TM Streamyx allows you to find out how fast your Internet connection is with Streamyx’s newly designed Speedometer.

You could be using any of our Internet packages at work or at home using a dial-up modem, ISDN connection, a cable modem or a digital subscriber line (DSL). TM Speedometer lets you measure the quality of our Internet connection to give you the most accurate results available.

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