Sabtu, Oktober 10, 2009

How To Speed Up Internet Connection - Streamyx Tips and Guide

TM Streamyx is a broadband access service which provides connection to the Internet with speed bandwidths from 384k up to 4Mbps. However, sometimes you may find that some websites and Internet files take longer than usual to download. The speed of your Internet service doesn't only depend on the condition of your phone lines. It could be due to a number of factors, such as the performance of network servers and routers, environmental factors and even your computer performance. Because there are many factors affecting your connection speed, your actual experience may vary.

To enhance your surfing experience, you need to understand the factors that may be slowing down your connection.

Website Location
The closer you are to the website you want access to, the quicker the response time. Malaysian-based websites will give you faster access as compared to those overseas. The speed also depends on how many network hops it has to go through before reaching the actual site.

Website Popularity
The more popular a website, the more users try to access it at the same time. If a site cannot cope with the demand, the page will either load very slowly or fail to load completely.

Page Content
Websites with heavy files or large images will generally take a longer time to load as compared to simple text-only pages.

Peer-to-Peer Downloads
This usually depends on the number of people online who have the files and those who are willing to share. Sometimes, the network speed also depends on your peer's connection at the other end. Downloads will take a longer time when more people access a limited or older file.

Virus, Worms, Adware or Spyware
Malicious programs could also slow down your Internet access. Ensure that you consistently update and run system checks with your anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-adware software.

Check-up on your speed!

  1. Visit the TM Streamyx website at or from Nuffnangs ads above or at the right side of this blog.
  2. Click on the 'Speedometer' icon
  3. Choose a server location.
  4. Click on ‘Start’
  5. If the result is not satisfactory, please repeat the test without other applications running.
If you still encounter slower than usual speeds after checking your connection and equipment, contact TM at 100 and choose ‘Internet Services’ to file a fault report.