Sabtu, Januari 24, 2009

Phantom and Shadows - Time Reversal

In the past, this indie band was paid for RM0.30 for their performance, but at that night, they got RM37,000. What actually happen? The story will be told in this article of mine.

It hard to tell which part of the past time, that I would like to recall. For me if we cannot reverse the time, than we better forget on how to going back, but keep thinking on how to through into the future.

Past will never return, it is already become history. No matter what you do, you will be always walk toward future. It is useless to keep regret for every damn mistakes we done. We just walk our own way to create a better life. We walk to live the best life we could had.

I never think about reverting into past. Our life is not like blogger templates which we can revert either into the default template or classic blogger template. Time is gold, every moment we go through, it become experience.

Why would people thinking about going into past? I don't see any sense in that. To going back is not a way for a better solution, because it only an imaginary thing. The best thing to do is to predict from the past situation, and planning for better solution in the future. Or else, find more facts and news about anything that might be related to our future, and then do some analytical thinking and prepare for the solution.

If we keep thinking to go back to the past, it wouldn't done anything. It only wasting time. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you had done in the past, and promise yourself that you will do a lot of better things in the future. That is how our past mean to us. We learn from the past but not going into them. We took only experience and knowledge, and bring them as one of our useful assets for our future.

If we continue to think about the past, we might bring some of sentiments, nemesis, hatred and sorrow. Even if we got many good nostalgia and sweet memories, it already a matter of past. If yesterday you're a champion, it is not likely that you will be a champion for the future. If yesterday you're a loser, it is not likely you're a loser in the future. What you have to do is keep walking and struggle for the day after tomorrow. That would be better.

Talk about championship, about tomorrow, about future. I would like to present a related song. For this week, I present you another underground or indie band in Malaysia - Meet Uncle Hussain. This song titled "Lagu Untukmu" or in English it can be translated to "Song For You" has won the grand contest - Anugerah Juara Lagu 2008 (Translated in English as Song Champion Award 2008). For Malaysian people, this tell us about the awakening of indie bands in Malaysia which for the last year, another indie band won the same title.

Yesterday, this group is just an underground and unpopular band, but today, this group has become the best and the most popular indie band in Malaysia. They ever got paid only 30 cent in one of their performance (0.07 US Dollar). But at that night, they won RM37,000 (USD 9801). Do they need to reverse their time? Enjoy this song.