Jumaat, Januari 09, 2009

Life Is Organic - It's Bitter, It' Sweet, It's Sour and Sometimes Salty

Today, I am still waiting for her call. She's someone who I love. Someone that I dreamed for. It has been for few months. I don't remember why I fall in love with her. But I do know that she was the one, that might be the perfect one for me.

There is one thing, that might made me fall in love with her. My name. My given name. Someone special said that it mean "Great Leader of Knowledge and Revolution."

So, that is perhaps a reason, that make me fall in love with her. She, that I'm trying to mention here, is my ambition. Yup. Ambition. Great dream. She's my future life. My current life? Full with tastes. Sweet, sour, bitter and sometimes salty. I think the best thing to do is not wait her. She's not coming. She cannot walks. She cannot run. She will always stay there. The only one who can make a walk toward her is me. I need to bring her along with all of my journey of life.

She is the one who are waiting for me. I need to pursuit her. I need to pursuit my ambition. The pursuit of
happyness. I am organic but she is not. I am real but she is a dream. I am organic so that I am real, she's not real and not even a mecha, so I am the one who can bring her into reality.

For this week's entry I would present a very inspiring song from Ella. Ella is my country - Malaysia's Queen of Rock. I am a fan of her. And I know, you will fall in love to this song. This song has been sang for years by many Malaysian warriors, disregard what race their are. I present this song to all Sundays Scribblings members, a song titled "Standing In The Eyes Of The World" by Ella.