Jumaat, Januari 30, 2009

A Champion's Regret - Until Heaven

There exist one singer, who was once doing one thing that make he regret. Because of his mistake, he was banned from appear on television. Actually he is not the one to be blame. He is a new talented singer, and he was given a responsible as he is a superstar. I somehow feel sympathy for him. It is actually a regret. He already regret for the past. Let us give him a new life as a singer.

This year, he was able to make a return to the world of music. Last year two of his amazing songs did not get any award. But this year he got three awards for his song. His song won as a champion in Ballad category. While he also win The Best Vocal Award and The Best Performer for that competition.

As in this video, you will see Faizal Tahir and his song "Sampai Syurga" (translated as "Until Heaven") start with some people trying to prepare his costume. Then, he will break into a superstar with wind flowing from the ground and red light. Later, there will be a group of people wear in black come to sing with him.

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