Sabtu, Januari 03, 2009

For Richer Or Poorer - A Poor Girl Become A Great Singer

This is a sketch of life. There exist a family, which there is a daughter in that family, wanted to be great great singer. Her ambition was totally rejected by her father. Her father don't want her to be a singer.

Because of that, her father become cold and colder with her. This little girl keep holding into her dream, and one day, she become a great singer. With her soprano style vocal, she sang many songs. This girl change her life from poor to richer.

Her father continue to reject her, not accepting her because she become a singer. But deeply in his heart, he, as a father, really proud with her daughter. He kept so many newspaper pieces related to his daughter achievement in the world of music.

Here, the truth, lies in this video clip. This is a song title "Awan Yang Terpilu" or "The Saddest Cloud", sing by a singer and an actor - Ning Baizura, from Malaysia. This song tell an adaption from a true story, and what will you think when you finish watching this video clip? There's story in this video clip.