Sabtu, Julai 05, 2008

Chance Encounter With Freaking Creatures

Chance Encounter
With Some Unseen Neighbours


How to summon a dead soul? This is a question I found once, in Yahoo! Answer. Do you know what is the best answer chosen for this question? It was "Leave them in peace - they don't need to be pestered by people looking for kicks."

I said, "Wow!"

I do not know what to comment but, there are many funny and humorous answers in that site. In my native cultures, there is a way where people can have the chance encounter with some fairy things creature. Here, in this entry, I will talk about some encounter that most of people do not have chance for it.

Freaking Creatures:

1. White great lizard with golden beak.
I remember when I was still very young and adolescent, I meet one. This lizards looked like komodo dragon and somehow it has white scale skin with yellow beak. I wonder if it is an albino lizard? These kind of lizards also known as 'biawak'. But this one might be an 'biawak albino'. Or it might be a new species?

2. The red wing crow.
This is another strange creature I met around my family house. It happens few years ago. This might be a vegetarian crow. I do not know since I found no fact about it is a crow. All crow usually black. Some are rarely white. But a black crow with red wing? Is that a new species?

Paranormal and haunting encounter - A kind of elf and fairy things.

1. Toyol - Green walking baby work as a thief

How To Pronounce 'Toyol':
In Malaysia, we pronounce 'Toyol as 'Tow' + 'youl' such as how to pronounce Low and Ghoul. In Indonesian, 'Toyol' is pronounce as 'Tuyul' or 'Tooyool' which is equal to Zoo and Cool.

Toyol is believed to be a race or a species of a supersapien called jinny or djin or genie. There are many cases in Malaysia and neighbourhood countries about this little thief. You might think 'toyol' is a cute creature, pet by a 'syirik' person. This person, who own this 'toyol' will ask this creature to steal money from other people. As a price, the owner of this 'toyol' must give the blood from their toe tumb. The 'toyol' will suck the blood either from the owner or his wife. It is believe that the owner of toyol usually thin and underweight.

2. Balan-balan

Pronounce as "Bal + larn" - "Bal + larn" as the vocal 'a' as "Aaa" in every 'a' in the words "Balan-balan".

Balan-balan is a dark magic contracted demon which has no body but only head. It appears as flying fireball in the night. If you see a 'balan-balan' and point your finger to this creature, it will fall and die. 'Balan-balan' usually send by some 'syirik' folk to give problem to the victim. Usually because of nemesis, jealous or hatred matters.

This creature can be seen mostly during the night, in village area, where there are no such change culture. Old culture or folk culture in Malaysia.

3. Bunian

Pronounce as "Boo + nee + yan".

'Bunian' is one of the famous living creature, believe to be another race such as genie. You might consider 'bunian' as the 'elf'. 'Bunian' cannot be seen by people unless they want people to see it or somehow people can see it. 'Bunian' usually has religion like human.

I met these kind of creature already and I believe some of you seen this 'discreet' people. You can somehow meet them if you live, or stay in area which is surround with thick jungle - the virgin forest. They are like normal people and have their own language - the 'bunian' language'.

In many case of old folks story in Malaysia, there are an interesting story where this bunian married with human and took the human to their 'bunian' world. There, in the bunian world, this man will not aging. Some man return to pay visit their family, but, it is a shock that is like one week in 'bunian realm' equal to almost 10-15 years in human realm.

There are many races of 'bunian'. One of the famous real story in Malaysia, in June 2008, was the case of 'bunian' or 'makhluk halus' somehow cause chaos in a local boarding school. More than 200 pupils got hysteria in Secondary Science School of Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia (Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun, believe that this creature trapped in human body. When this creature trap in a body of a human, they are hard to get out from the body so they assimilate with the human body. If the host's the possessed human soul is weaker than the 'makhluk halus', this creature will took over the body and cause chaos. Hysteria.

One of most popular Malaysian politician, Dato' Dr. Harun Din was called to help release this 'discreet creature' from the victims.There are many stories about Dato' Dr. Harun Din. He has very strong knowledge in Islamic religion and has many experiences dealing with these 'discreet creatures'.

One student describe the 'bunian' such a shadow with red eyes. Other pupil said he saw a white female person flying in his classroom that morning. The same incident happen to nearby school, National Secondary School of Dungun (Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dungun).

The record said that four years ago, the same case happened here, in Dungun. If you come to Malaysia and go to Dungun, you will realize that there are forest and jungle here which is a good reason to tell, there are local 'bunian' village here.

When human began their civilization, building near or inside the 'bunian' village there will be probability that a body of a human clashed with a body of a 'bunian' and at some case, the trapped body of the 'bunian' failed to release him/herself from the human body and cause 'kerasukan' or possession. Most end up with hysteria before the local people try to cure the victim by releasing the trapped creature.

So... a chance encounter. That is it... for this Sundays Scribblings. I'm still practicing my English.