Khamis, Julai 17, 2008

Heroes Personality Test - I am Peter Petrelli?

I've updated this post so it would fit with Sundays Scribblings theme, ghost. Do you know that Ghost is something that can travel fast, cannot be harm or die? Peter Petrelli is a such a ghost. Hiro Nakamura also such a ghost. If I can become a ghost, I would go and save the 'cheerleader' and save the world.

I attended to take this personality test at the given link above, yea you can see it blue, under the blue pictore of my result. I prefer to be Hiro Nakamura, but somehow, I was picked to be Peter Petrelli. Nevermind, both are ghosts to me!

Tapi aku lagi suka watak Hiro Nakamura!
Hiro Nakamura jujur dan ikhlas
dalam menolong orang