Sabtu, Julai 26, 2008

The day I found solace as a hero ES

I know you're an abandoned. Do not lie to me? I know, what you the reader, think about it. Yes, you're thinking of... something did you? You're asking me, "What is all about?" and in another term it would be, "Is it does matter?".

How about, solace. This is weekend, some people need solace. Are you reading this on Saturday, well, yeah, it's not weekend yet. I agree.

Do you know that the word solace, has some other meaning, related to these words: Solat and Solah? Never heard of them or you never heard to the word of praying. Both are nearly same meaning. Muslim praying. It make them feel comfort.

Why would you ask, if you're an atheist? You never praying since you didn't have God. So, would you pray for some other gods? This is a very critical question. I won't answer this question. Everybody has their own discreet opinion. Something that we should debate or not, it is, so sensodyne. Yea, sensodyne.

Oh, what? Yea, I forgot that it is 'S' rather than 's'. Since Sensodyne is a brand. What kind of parody do I make today?

Well, pretend that you're and atheist. Do you think you're God? Do you think that you have God power such as Heroes? You're Peter Petrelli? Hiro Nakamura or something like... evil Sylar.

Yeah, really today is weekend. I need to find some solaces. I feel like not right to communicating. Might be because I was tired. I need some sleep.

Oh, by the way, you should considering this video of YouTube then: