Sabtu, Julai 12, 2008

Guide Tips How To Find Old Friends

How To Meet The Old
and The Oldest Friend
By Using The Internet
Base on experience by
Amiene Rev (C) 2008

Sometimes we miss our old friends. We want to meet them, but somehow we lost contact with them. We regret that we can't make it, since we have very few information. Kids, during kids day, do we really care about collecting data? When our friend moving to new house, new place, far far away from the 'galaxy' and we... we miss them. Here are some tips and guides on how you can find your friend and make the friendship even better, later. Maybe a reunion?

This tips working for people who want seek information or contact about your friend, your lost person, your schoolmates, your teacher, your pupil, your lost cousin or anything.

1. Use Popular Web Social and Communities

Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, Facebook amongst the most popular friend finder website. You can create your own profile page. Just remember how popular is Friendster, Facebook and Myspace, your friend might be related with it. Search for same school, badges, same universities, same hometown, it usually work in Friendster. Remember that your friend sometimes use shortcut for schools, universities and hometown, so you might use the all kind related keyword such as shortcut, full name, nickname and other to seek for your friends.

2. Use Your Real Names

If you open your personal site, or establish an internet site, you might want to use your real name. You can also put some related facts such your school, higher institute of learning and your today's home address. Don't be so specific if you like privacy, if there exist old friend contacting you through your site, you might plan your reunion by e-mail or ym later, and make sure he or she is really your friend or might be some secret admirer. Beware! Internet is not really safe, so do not put facts too specific.

3. Find Their Real Names

Use internet search engine to search your friend name. You might shock you would meet some of them in local database. How to seek for your friend your real name if you not remember them? Your alumni or yearly school magazine might have some clue. Or else, if you're too desperate, you can go back to your old school and there must be some clue.

4. Write A Blog Post Related To Your Friend

Sundays Scribblings today might giving you a chance to write about your oldest friend. But it is abstracts. Your oldest friend might be a human, a dog, a cat, a cigarette, a toy or anything. But, if you really seeking your old friend, you can write their full name, their school name, and where they are going after that. Make sure you didn't write bad thing about your old friend in your friend. What kind of friend writing and revealing bad things about their friend? One day, somebody who might know anything news might updates news about your friend, or might be your friend him/herself will contacting you.

5. Google Your Own Name

Do you ever watched the film Wanted. How many times does the hero, Wesley typing his name in search box. Yeah, you might found someone talking about yourself and most of all, the write might be your old friend!

By using each one of the given guides above, you might found a friend! Make a try.