Isnin, April 16, 2007

Fearless: No More Phobia

This entry was written for the prompt - Fearless. Although the date may look old, but actually it was written on 12 April 2008. This is happen because, Amiene Rev wanted to give a chance to Yusof Family posted on the very first page of his blog.

No More Phobia?

Do you see, what I see? The dogs scatter away through, the farm of my eyes. Then I, just see you inside me, from my mind, scribbling these words for, one person who can tell, no more lies.

How I could, not to stop you, from talking inside me, from taking my own mind, and you just go away from the fall of the bottom and thankless heart, begging me my flesh and blood fall down. How could it happen? How can this happen, to you and me?

So then, I just can wrote this, talking about the past that conquered our life. So then, I might not knowing you, just because you read this, and just because I wrote this for you, who make me the phobia?

The dogs scatter away, and then you just came in. I see you in here, but I can't touch you. But you know, how could you make me fear, that I never fear you, so you can't take my side. Do you, fall into the step, of the stranger lying there, who just begging for life?

Do you taking into the spirit, who left over the roadside and just let me go on you? Do you know what make me fearless, that because you are nothing, just a trash on the street, and the dog just scatter away, after did some sniffing on you? You know? You know? What do you mean? And what do you fall for?

Nothing more than dupe. So close your eye on loop. No more!

No more!
No more looking to me, since you already gone.
No more fear in my heart.
You are away...

So this is how, I said the last word for you. "Fearless..."