Jumaat, November 10, 2006

Open Letter To YOU

Today, I write a simple message to those who know me by the hidden name. Here, a letter just to catch your hunger about us. Truly, my identity as a Muslim. I wrote universal blog. Some are now, just in case, closed and labeled as 404.

I know you have a good sense to smell me. But we have proud united members around the world, which, their words are stronger than your devilish weapons.

Come, this is my blog. Can you understand Malay then? Translate it and find something about it. Take your time.

Yes, your prediction is right. What you think now are right. Come! It is an open 'battle'. You know where I live. No need to hide.

Here some meeting I've arranged just both of our side.

2510 31 35810 48702 3948296734 2021 4068230 567802 28 506-02 40289 75493 7829 02 4937204 058 9682-145 5407 304566-3-689 503 25 9 95432952535 593754-14 49-5352

Don't forget: 58205 23-52559124 34 502381 5942940 39231

Now. It a proof. Do not delay.

Just get in time. No CCTV, we're not in Britain. No followers, we follow only God and Justice. No need for ambush since, we, Muslim are polite and honest. Get out from Malaysia and all other countries and send these words to your Dad:

"The truth has been revealed but we keep the secret among us. We neither need to meet nor to discuss about it. We can feel it with our unique senses. Indigo, Clairvoyance or what ever in your definition, know the truth. We will not be your toys for destruction of all life. But we, will stand on our very own legs to create peace and unity among races and religions. We are One. We are not belong to any side. We will be neutral as long as your side not involve Us in your 8orld-0ne-3ye progress.

But you have taken our Brothers and Sisters. They are not weapon. They are just special being with gifted abilities. Return them to Us and do not involved Us anymore for your True Greed and Fake Glory.

We only aim for the Life After Life."

Thank you.

Regards from 632107-3451 246 146-708.

PST: By the way, I have examination paper tomorrow. Even you are going to Hell later, just wish me luck then.