Sabtu, November 18, 2006

Dibuang Kerja Kerana Menulis Blog Tersebut

Seorang sahabat antarabangsa telah dibuang kerja kerana menulis mengenai fakta-fakta benar mengenai Muslim menerusi blog yang ditulis secara berkumpulan oleh jurnalis-jurnalis dari seluruh dunia. Berikut adalah petikan daripada blog tersebut. Oh, ya. Tidak sangka, apabila makin sibuk, makin banyak idea datang mencurah. Hari ini saya menulis lagi. Entah kenapa, seolah-olah waktu bergerak terlalu perlahan biarpun telah banyak aktiviti dilakukan dalam satu hari. Dengan ini tidak mustahil untuk menyiapkan satu novel pendek dalam satu malam. Kekuatan dan kemampuan luarbiasa ini adalah dengan keizinan daripada Allah. Alhamdulillah. Betapa besarnya kekuasaan-Nya. Menjadikan sesuatu yang mustahil itu tidak mustahil.

Berikut adalah petikan entri dalam blog tersebut:

"I lost my job sometime ago, I was told to leave due to this blog. I was however given an option of staying back – but that would mean deleting this blog. I didn't share this before as at that stage I had extremely mixed feelings and didn't know if it would correct to share such feelings with others. I know it is wrong - but I did feel like deleting this blog and just going back to the fairly comfortable job and security which I had.

I feel it was a sin and even a form of betrayal now to have such ideas at that time. But then I thought about it a bit more - if I had deleted this blog would I be really happy say 5 years down the line with my secure job? Why did my company even want me to stop and delete this blog? I wasn't saying anything wrong - was I? Would I be able to be happy for long in a company where people who speak out for peace and equality are not respected?

Luckily I decided to do something which seemed tougher at that stag. A place where apartheid is followed was definitely not where I would stay for long.
I decided to leave and submit myself to Allah (or God or whatever other name you use) I knew Allah would guide me and take care of me- and had something planned for me. That is what my heart told me and still tells me. The mind however sometimes plays games.

Finding a new job also was a problem, I was suggested by many people to change my name and even my religion. A few people I know have done it to get a job, but at home they practice Islam. But that would be going against what I and several of us stand for. If I did that I would just be further enforcing the idea that Islam is some form of cult or evil practice which needs to be hidden and practiced. Why should we hide and do something which is so pure and does not mean to hurt or harm anybody?

However I have received a lot of support from all my brothers and sisters here, all of whom wish to remain anonymous to the world while giving with pure hearts, and continue to do so. My duas for all of them and I once again thank all of them for supporting me, and reinforcing my belief that once we submit ourself and follow the path of truth we will always be happy and mentally at peace with our conscience.

I want the world to be one where people are not forced to change their names or their identity to live respectfully as normal citizens. I and billions of other people want a world where people are not treated as criminals for things they have not done- and I know together we will do it.
I know that soon if we work together we shall all see a world where we all live together in peace as one."