Ahad, Mac 23, 2008

The Weird Thing Is Not The World But The People Themselves

The Weird Things
by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

This poem was created for my English Practice
and for an assigment for Sunday Scribblings Blog

I think this world is weird
but the world is not a nerd
The people act like a herd
chicken, buffalo but sometimes the shepherd.

When Saddam rule Iraqi, the oil is a bonus
but when the foreigner intervene, oil is no more a plus.

The people should afraid of the goverment, that weird
The goverment should afraid of the people, that weird
Is that God we should first to be afraid of?
So how it is an atheist, that weird.

People like to make Math and Science easy
but some country prefer it hard way,
so people would decode the foreign language and be busy
before they can think about the concept
in their mothertongue language, is that silly?

We already found hidro and solar
as new energy source for driving so far
but people still like flooding the blood
for some fossil source energy to go to Mars

All people said about global warming
Ice in the north start to melting
But trees are to be cut
Easy like nut

People today can fall in love
even it just a cyber date
Some suicide because of a crush
It's all about emotion on rush

Online game are more to real
Clan and tribe communate in the web
Forget the bills, homework and wife
Just to be loyal for something unreal

People today like to sings
And most likely what people could cry for,
SMS credits donate for popularity
How is Somalians, no one care?

Kids nowadays rude than ever,
Teachers at schools seems as bad boy,
Rule are heavier for those teachers,
but why parent and childrens got more power?

Rich become richer,
Poor become poorer,
where the money come
if not from the people.

The world is small,
that's people always said,
but neighbour name and birthday,
not all people now.

A troll come to a blog,
and wasting time trolling,
they didn't get money or any good thing,
but still hunger for sin and hatred?

People have religion,
but still looking back to their God,
and afraid to Satan and bad luck
more than what God can do.

World is weird,
so that many people said,
but what make it weird,
if not the people?

Thank you.
For making the world weird.
So then we are confuse.
Or else we should feel sorry.

You're welcome.