Sabtu, Mac 29, 2008

Get Out Of This World!

This entry is dedicated for Sundays Scribblings Blog and for my English practice. You, stop blurring around and read my post, else go around or get out of this world!

Get out of this world, it is rude, this title is also rude. But, can you see it from different view, and base on that unique view, make your opinion on something new. How if we make other sentences for just a few, so everybody can understand and I can at last said, "Now you got it, what a phew!"

We need to get out of this world: This sentences sound suicide. It is mostly someone who said this wanted to get the hell out of this world. Maybe he become stressed up with the enviroment around and he think he should go away. Yeah, I going somewhere after finished this entry. I have been work out since last night for my academic project.

You're totally out of your world: It sound schizophrenia. Remember how a mental sick man in Pursuit Of Happyness? Yeah, he think that Mr. Gardner bringing a time machine. He must be totally out of his world, since he think, he is from future. That world is not a future, it is a 80's.

Let get out of this world: This sound brilliant. Are they going to be an astronaut or just going nut? Malaysian people just send one cosmonaut, yeah, that's Russian word for astronaut. Dr. Syed Muzaffar. Yeah, a doctor, Malaysia do have many brilliant people, doctor. Even one of Malaysian ex-prime minister himself is a doctor. Just wondering how gold, silver and bronze medals did Malaysian people bring back from Geneva. And I think Dr. Halimaton who found Silica Amorfus in paddy waste, the very expensive thing become cheaper and that will do bring a gold medal later, since she had made a very important discovery to the history of science.

Please get out of this world: Uh, that sound cruel. Are they thinking of making someone to suicide, or is there exist something annoying, toying your mind? This is sick! I am going to stop writing and get out of my room, and have a nice day in a new world. Don't worry, I'm not goingfor a suicide, I just taking a new fresh but toxicated air for my breaths. Carbon monoxide in the city, is there any way we can reduce or get ride of it. I miss hybrid car, also those in hydro and solar.