Ahad, Mac 09, 2008

The Political Experiment - Will This Sunday Become The First Day of Experimental Goverment?

When I wrote this entry. I didn't mean to be pro or against any political party. This is just a thought, related to a prompt by Sunday Scribblings blog. The Alternative Lines Political Alliances, said everyday before in the campaign, about, "Time To Change" while The National Lines Political Alliances said, "Don't dare to experiment by changing the goverment." Something like if the Malaysian choose to give a chance to The Alternative Lines to win this election, Malaysia will be in worse situation.

I do not know if, this election is about an experiment. Even this entry's date Sunday, March 9, 2008, actually it was written at Friday, March 7, 2008. Let us pretend this topic to be written in Sunday. If it is really today (Sunday, March 9, 2008) where the Alternative Lines has won and the goverment has change, then, it is really the first day of experimental goverment.

That's all. Politic is not my favourite topic, but I did, accomplished my promise to Sunday Scribbling blog, to write an entry related to a prompt for this week. I am not really good at English, and this topic just for my English writing practice.