Jumaat, November 04, 2011

My Blog Design Is Originally Came From My Heart - Rekaan Blog Saya Adalah Asli

There is someone out there, in this cyber realm asked me about my design. It is so original. Yes, indeed, it is very true. This design of my blog is from my mind. Actually, I made this design template just to fit my Nuffnang banner and advertisement boxes. So then, it came to this shape. Most of all, the left side post topics and the right side for gadgets are also origin from my heart. I feel comfortable to use and reach the link when they are on my right side, since it feel very near to my right handed arm and mouse.

There are three types of Nuffnangs advertisement, the banner, the boxes 336 pixel width and the skyscraper 160 pixel width. I can conclude that my blog design is made after I met Nuffnang. And my blog was made this way so it can effort the appearance of Nuffnangs ads.

I love Blue colour for my design. Blue has became my identiti in design. Before, I also made some template for Bloggers which can be found via:
 I create my blog own template since I love design. In university, I was known well for my ability to create good design. Some design appeared in local multimedia book, refered by some lecturers.

Originality of blog design has became my true heart in this blogging arena. I love to write in a space where everything was made and organised by myself. I provide the space, design, build and decorate it, then I wrote in it. So here is my blog, Duke Amiene Rev with the design that I love most. Since that, I never change my blog template because everything here are the heart, and I love it this way, so I can came to see it - the design - again and again.