Isnin, November 09, 2009

Amiene Rev Personality Report

Sejak akhir-akhir ini Amiene Rev banyak mengkaji tentang personaliti dirinya. Ada rahsia kenapa beliau berbuat demikian. Rahsia ini berkenaan dengan mencari sesuatu. Sesuatu yang dirahsiakan. Untuk tujuan itu, Amiene Rev telah menghubungi beberapa orang pakar psikologi untuk mengkaji tentang diri sendiri. Amiene Rev yang mempunyai IQ mengatasi 165++ merasakan ada sesuatu di dalam dirinya yang perlu dimuhasabah dengan lebih mendalam. Laporan adalah dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

This is another report about Amiene Rev personality.

At a Glance
  • • Punctual, completes work on time.
  • • Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.
  • • Objective, but may appear detached.
  • • Quiet and reserved, prefers own company.
  • • Does not seek positions of power or authority.
  • • Not concerned with rank, title or position.
  • • Sees people as nice and friendly, not comfortable to wheel and deal.
  • • Wants to lead people, has considerable influence over others.
  • • Likes intellectual discussions, likes to explore ideas.
  • • Orderly, methodical and systematic, takes care to plan in detail.

While at Work

Amiene Rev is prepared to put in hard work moderately but he may at times prefer to work at his own pace.

Time is a major concern for Amiene Rev. He is frequently punctual and even early for appointments. When time is critical, he moves quickly and acts promptly. Having a sense of urgency means that Amiene Rev pushes to get things done when there is a deadline and allocates time properly when planning or organising activities. He can be depended upon to get work done on schedule.

Amiene Rev persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment and perseverance are his strength; hence he can be depended upon to meet work obligations. Amiene Rev is suitable for long-term projects because he is sufficiently focused to see them through completion.

Amiene Rev is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality.

Amiene Rev is an objective person who is impartial and rational. He speaks factually and often does not involve his own feelings and emotions. He may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Although Amiene Rev is usually a sympathetic person, he may at times be selective about being involved in the personal problems of people.

Being a shy, quiet and reserved person, Amiene Rev prefers his own company and feels awkward when meeting people for the first time. In social gatherings, he tends to stay in the background.

Amiene Rev selectively forms strong bonds with people although these bonds may not be very deep.

Positions of power, influence and authority are not Amiene Rev's concern. He does not mind letting others assert authority over him. He is accommodating, laid back and easy-going.

Amiene Rev does not care much about how people view him or whether they respect him or not. He focuses on what he wants to do for himself. He is unconcerned with issues of ranks, positions or titles. Status symbols are unimportant for him. He does not draw attention to himself and dresses moderately and simply.

Amiene Rev sees people as friendly, reliable and honest. He is trusting and believes what people say. He tends to be unsuspecting of people.s behaviour and motives. He is uncomfortable when he has to wheel and deal.

Courage, vigour and initiative are some of the hallmarks of Amiene Rev's character. He wants to lead direct and guide people in a certain direction. Because Amiene Rev is confident, forward thinking and visionary, he commands respect and has considerable influence over others. He is able to harness the support of people.

Intellectually inquisitive and extremely interested in knowledge acquisition, Amiene Rev enjoys discussing hypothetical or theoretical issues. He is conceptual and likes to explore abstract ideas. Amiene Rev is a thinker, creative and inventive of ideas. He enjoys reading and is happiest sourcing for new ideas and information.

Being orderly, methodical and systematic, Amiene Rev spends considerable time planning ahead and organizing activities. He ensures that programmes are scheduled properly and takes care to plan in detail. Formulating procedures and policies is his forte.

Amiene Rev is generally able to express himself although not to a high degree of eloquence.

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