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Travian Analyser, Travian Tool and Travian Map Analyser Collection Reviews
The Best Ever Tool for Trading, War and Politician - Travian Online Browser Games

Travian is a game where only the bravest and the most intelligent gamers will play. Since it is not only about war, but also leadership in commanding an entire confederations and alliances, diplomatic skills and real time war. Which mean, even you are log out, offline from the game, your villages still can become ashes in one day. Faithful friends, loyal comrades are in need to help you stay until the server end.

There will be also Natarians, a group of bot with superb units and tactical strategies to invade, crush and conquer your empire in order to reach to the most amazing World Of Wonder.


Since Travian is a multi-tactical strategy browser game, Travian Players need some advantage tool to help them to analysis some situation as war strategist. Not only as a leader, but also a great diplomat, or a savage raider or else a wise trader, you still need some tool so you can calculate and implement some action to win.

Travian Tool: Travian World Analyser
Web Address:

Travian World Analyzer (TWA) is an analytical site for Travian game. Using it you can easily find inactive neighbours for farming, view population growth of your enemies, track all the events in the world. For example: village conquering, players changing alliance and the foundation of new villages. In the "day overview" page, you can see which villages and players have the highest population growth, which villages are under attack and the greatest losers. Just try it and you will understand the power of information.

Travian Tool: TravUtils - Travian Utility Programs - Travian Utilities and Statistics
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Recognized Functions:

● Statistics and Analysis - Travian Server Statistics
Here you can find in-depth information about any village, player or alliance on any Travian server. TravUtils world analyzer keeps you updated on server events, and offers information on the development of players on any travian server that you are interested in.

● Directory
The largest Travian related directory. Contains reference material and utilities created for Travian by independent developers.

* Analyzers - Dynamic information portals about Travian
* Calculators - Calulation utilities
* Battle reports - Travian battle analyzers
* Maps - View and analyze game maps
* Signatures - Dynamic signatures for forums
* Documentation - FAQ, wikis, and Travian directories
* Graphic packages -Sites about graphic packages for Travian
* Catalogs - Sites with catalogs of references for Travian

● Signature Generator
Registered users can create their own personalized signature forum badge.

Travian Tool: Travian Tool Box
Web Address:

Presentation: This site is dedicated to Travian, it contains several tools to make the game easier to play. Data concerning each server are updated every day. Informations about the last updates are available here. Here is a brief description of all these tools :

- Units Comparison
Here you can compare the different types of troops using different comparison factor like the quality/cost and the quality/upkeep ratio. Use it to optimise your combat strategy.

- Combat Simulator
This tool allows to simulate the attack and gives you an anticipated Battle-report. This simulator is more precise than the one on Travian or the Travian Combat tool, but, sometimes, there's a tiny difference of a few units compared to the Travian plus simulator.

- Calculating distance and time
Very useful for synchronisation, this tool gives you the distance, the length and the date and time on which you should launch your troops depending of their type and your coordinates. It allows to avoid long and complicated formulas.

- Users and Allies Signature
Here you can create a signature with your logins on the different Travian game-world, as well as your account information. It gets updated automatically every day.

- Choose your world

* The Map
This map gives a global vision of the game with several possibilities to view other players, and contains several levels for zooming. You have also the possibility to choose which alliances you want to view on the map. Information about the villages are available if the zoom is close enough.

* List
You can find 3 types of lists: Players, Towns and Allies. More search and sort functions are available compared to those ingame. You can also find players, towns and allies evolution graphics until that day.

* Battle Plan
Allows to easily manage the war between allies. This tool indicates the nearest enemy towns to every member of the ally.

* Farms Search
You could search for farms in your neighbourhood according to several criteria.

* Statistics
Contains several statistics about the game world

Travian Tool: Travian Map
Web Address:

Welcome at Travianmap! We are back online! New server and new features, thank you for your support while we were offline, please mail for bugs. For the new features look in the advanced search section.

This Travian Map Tool help Travian Players to located the villages coordinates owned either by a player or an entire alliances. With this Travian Map Tool, it will be easier for a player to manage their alliances or do some squadron mission.

Travian Tool: TravMap 0.8.11
Web Address:

Separate multiple alliances and players with commas; quotes can be used to keep commas and spaces intact, eg -- A, B, "C,D,E", F

Zoom = x,y,zoom factor or village name,zoom factor

Alliance, player, and town to zoom in on are all case sensetive, as it makes things faster. Players and alliances with non-standard characters in their names can use their IDs rather than their names, eg id:123. IDs can be seen in the links from village and statistics pages.

Hotlinking is encouraged -- while each map takes a while to be generated the first time each day, it's then cached, and takes practically no processing power or bandwidth to re-send. Group by Alliance 2 = treat players with no alliance as all separate.

Web Address:

Travian is an online game that lets you create your own village and try to win others. The game basa and is set during the Roman, Teutons and Galli. This game has become popular motorcycle, in fact, was objective research of many players to the point that in 2006 was awarded as a game of the year. E 'divided into servers, everyone can choose the one that best prefers. In the official site are also present Tutorial of the game, forums, blogs, manuals, chat and nothing less than the popular "Travian Shop" in which no one can not make a leap!

Travian Tool: Travian Tool

This website is dedicated to the Travian Game. We try to create and developp interresting tools to help Travian Players in the Game. All our tools are based on the official Travian Game data extracted from map file.

If your country or Travian Game server is not available please send us an email and we will do our best to provide it. If you want to help us in Traviantool translation or to correct wording please contact us. Travian Game data of the ervers in many countries are automatically updated every days.


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