Jumaat, Ogos 22, 2008

How I Meet God?

I do not see God, yet...
but I met the God's love
Written by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

How to meet God? This must be a question with many meaning. I pray so then I can meet God. I have many things to tell to God.

God said, if you wish something. Pray. If that thing is good for me, God will give it or else God will make my path into another way of destiny.

Some people blame God. But that's is not what we should do. There exist many paths of life. But some of us didn't realize which is better and which is the best for us.

So, how I can meet God? There must be a way, but we didn't know. But God give us clues. One of them is pray.

I can't see God for now, but I can see the God's love. Oxygen and air is really important for us. Without them, we die. But God make it free and mostly everywhere. Water is cheaper than petroleum or gold, but without water, we run out of body fluid and we die. God give us rain and water for free. We need light to see the enviroment, so God give us Sun. We need dark to sleep and rest, so God give us night.

Why we should blame God when God give us the most important. But most of us never use it wisely. Some of us pollute the air, pollute the water and many more. The environment become angry. The Sun heated us more. The stinky air attack our lung. Fishes in the sea died and tsunami happened.
How can we meet God like this?

Most of all, God give us a brain for every people. God said in God's words that we are selected to be the world's protagonist because we have brain. But some of us deny the important of the brain to us and to the enviroment.

How can we meet God like this? Think of all of this, I know one way to meet God. It is to pray and to be obedient. But, I realize that I met the God's love. Grateful. God give us the Book, so we can follow the guides.

God give everybody a brain so we can become grateful and use all the God's loves give to us wisely. So then we can finally meet our God.