Sabtu, Ogos 09, 2008

Another Principle Of Life By Amiene Rev

Principle of Amiene Rev
Explore! Accept! Explode! Excel!
Written by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

What is the purpose of my life? What is the purpose of a human life? This is a question I want to ask.

Therefore, I created the quotes: "Explore! Accept! Explode! Excel! ". This is a special quote, I created for myself, and for all people. Which is one of the discipline of knowledge and talent that human need to surpass the average condition.

It is how one person spend their time and years to learn many thing, by mean to discover the hidden potential lies inside.

It is happen when people start to understand their abilites and weakness. People start to train more, upgrade their talents to the highest, so they may use it at the highest rate.

The talents are burns well, giving the light of fire to our life. This is where the legends start and began to pursue victory and glory.

This are the result of understanding one's self unique potential.

"Explore! Accept! Explode! Excel!" - Amiene Rev