Sabtu, November 15, 2008

I Share My Matters With Strangers

Do you know what is special about blogging? You share your opinion with strangers. People all around the world (sure, because I got some Sunday Scribblers coming here) will come to visit blogs, and then they land their comments, critiques, compliments and affairs to the blogger's blog. Some of them just become stalkers,cold blooded reptile who only come and read with empty or scribbling mind.

Today, sure I would like to give opinion about the Sunday Scribblers' blogs that I visited. What they say about stranger? And what my opinion toward them?

Okay, start with Bawdy Wench. She has some good philosophy about strangers. If we start to 'hi' and greet every people we meet in our daily life, soon, there will be no stranger in this world. How is that? Cool.

Next, I visit some other blog. This time a girl name Sunshine. That make me remember to the award nomination film - Little Miss Sunshine. What Miss Sunshine said about stranger. She said, truth is stranger than fiction. That truly a deep thought. Truth is stranger than fiction. Alienation. Alien. That's sure true. Truth is opposite to fiction. Fiction is fake. Truth is none fiction. Well, there is logic about that statement of her. Done with that.

Okay, next. What's blog I visited for the third in my visited blog list? It is Mrs. Bryan Brenda. She is very experienced woman. Born in 1931. She write about strange illusion. That's a poem and I am trying to understand the message of this poem. It is a story, a detail about the strange illusion picture. I left my greet there like above blogs I've visited.

The fourth blog goes to Lilly. She has some commitment. I saw the relation of each entries in her blog with the Sunday Scribblers task. She wrote stories. That's another good. There is a creative blogger. Good and flexible imaginator. I give her two thumbs up!

Tanya Gwen said something about a stranger lies within us. This is the fifth blog that make me interest. The subject stranger discussed in a new perspective. An unknown voice of a stranger that whisper into our mind. That sound thrilled! Nice thought, this bring up a subject of psychology to me.

That would be the fifth blog for tonight. It's already deep in the night and I think I will go to my bed. I am a stranger, but I visited them, and share my opinion. That's how I share my matters with strangers. Why do someone cannot believe about this that it can be happen? A person listen, reading and accepting or rejecting the idea. A person share anything in their mind. We just like voices, strange voices that floating in the internet. It has many meanings.

We try to understand, but stranger will be always be strangers unless like Bawdy Wench said, that I understand that if we start to greet and to know the strangers, soon there would be no stranger in our life. Perhaps, it is true.