Selasa, November 25, 2008

24 November 2008 - My Grateful Birthday

24 NOVEMBER is my birthday. I am Sagitarius. It look like I got many birthday wishes from friends and others that I know. I am grateful to have them. What it look to be a Sagitarius. I am grateful to be a Sagitarius. I am grateful that I can reach this age. This post is dedicated to Sunday Scribbling.

I want to talk about personality. I born in November. France people spell it Novembre. A motivator expert said that people born in November is very creative, but he is the one that you cannot easily understand. He got vision and always think about future and what to do in the next step. His opinion is unique and wise. He has sharp mind, very analitical and somehow he got the sixth sense.

A person that born in November is suitable to be a doctor. He is very careful and systematic. Have dynamic personality. Always good in keeping secret and digging secret. A detective. Always thinking but less talk, still, a warm person.

A person born in November is a brave, loyal, kind and patient. He has iron heart. If he want something, he will work hard to get it. Not easily fall in anger, unless someone did aggressive things to him. He also know to find his strength and weakness.

A person born in November always think outside of a box. He not really appreciate compliments. High in spirit and morale. Will die trying to success in his goal. Has a very though body and athletic.

A person born in November is a lovely person. He love others. He is romantic and have very deep emotion. Sometimes, he confuse with love relationship. Love to stay at home. Very hardworking and have great abilities.

A person born in November is very loyal, honest, pure heart and a secret keeper. His ambition is high, and nobody can read him easily.

That is what the famous Malaysian motivator said. His name is Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah.

Well that's all my English practice entry for this week. I still not in a good mood, since my cousin was passed away 3 days before my birthday, this year. So, I am not feeling well to talk about my birthday. He is younger than me but passed away earlier.

God still give us another days to breath and walk, so we have chance to be better and do good things. We should grateful to our God.