Sabtu, November 08, 2008

A Change For A Better Life With Programming

Today, I would like to talk in easy way, discuss every little problem in our main life so that we could change our life into easier life. Thing got easier, you live easier. Can we program love? Make a change, put some alternatives so you can change if anything problem with your first love plan. Yes, programming is about alternative changes.

First of all, we talk about love. Love is easy if we are not choosy. You found your favourite girl, you feel shy to approach her. Make it easy, drop your ego, drop your emotion, go get her and let's this dialogue begins with some ala BASIC program. You need to come with strategies, and make sure you can CHANGE your plan with other good strategy:

YOU (BOY or GIRL) "Hi, how are you?"



1. "Hi, I'm fine."
2. "Hi, I'm fine, thank you."
3. "Hi, I'm fine, what a lovely day."
4. "Are you talking to me?
5. No Answer



IF A = 1 GOTO DIV=1,A2
IF A = 2 GOTO DIV=1,A1
IF A = 3 GOTO DIV=1,A3
IF A = 4 GOTO DIV=1,A4
IF A = 5 GOTO DIV=1,A5

Then you might consider that girl might be not easily warm to chat with. You need to make some joke, or you can consider to be someone who are really care to other. So, base on above answer, you can make a change in your next moves. What kind of changes that you can plan for the next move? Make a program for that:

A1. "Let's get married" - A TRUE HEART LOVER
A2. "You look pale, every day of life is not easy aren't they?" - A FORETELLER
A3. "Tadaaa!" You make some magic trick - A MAGICIAN
A4. Slap! You give a hand to that girl face. "Wake up!" - A BARBARIAN

Programming a love relationship from A to Z surely take time. You need to be careful in giving orders or else you life will be complicated. Yes, you need to revise your code and change it.

AND ONE LAST ANSWER: Do you find any mistake in program above? Is there any mistake or not? That will define what kind a person of you. If you can found the mistake, make sure you fix it before you start your love program. Yes, check it. But above, I let the mistake there, so you can tell me later what is the mistake I made above.

I've done today's English Practice. Well, would you mind to click the advertisement on the right of my blog? If you don't mind to. It's ok.