Jumaat, November 14, 2008

Friendster Down 14 November 2008

Is Friendster down or closed for now? Friendster cannot be accessed since today. Do anybody know what happen to Friendster website? This must be the longest maintainance time taken by Friendster.

I've waited and see if there exist any change to Friendster. Wow! There should be some new features soon. Friendster Team might try to rebuild the Friendster so it can be more flexible and more entertaining to the users.

Some rumours said that there was somebody hacked into Friendster 's server. I do not know the truth. It should be about maintainances. More than 80 millions people around the world have Friendster's account.

Well, I would like to see what is the new face of Friendster. I hope Friendster will be more flexible to the user. Hope this server maintainance will be over and Friendster no longer down.