Ahad, Disember 16, 2007

And then, I heard that someone is calling my name, did I?

I realized that, he the one who understand what it mean to be lonely. To fill his life with loneliness, and only his past as a sinner, he continue this life without any supporter.

Everyday, he wait for a supporter to come, to send a message of speech that can motivate him, but the word never come from the people he knew. He keep waiting for a talk, but nobody send him e-mail, about asking, about caring him. Nobody care. Or perhaps, the people, already lost all the memories about him. His name was no longer in their heart.

And he try to be strong, to be gallant. Strong enough so that he can stand on his own path.

Then... he realize that he really that strong. Nobody ask about his name, nobody ask about what his problem and how if there still exist any solution that can help him, to understand the true nature of life.

I found him, crying, sitting on his mobile chair of rebellion, struggling to walk. He called this so called friend name of mine in his blog, so that I can continue inspire him as an idol.

For that reason, I return to this world of journalist, as a blogger. Perhaps, for just one day of today.

One day he asked me, "Do you know Amiene, that when I wrote this part of novel, nobody in my family, either my friend encourage me, support me with morale or anything. I am the only man existed to support myself. As these words spread into my paragraphs, I put my love to my family and my friends, even they do not know that I am writing a novel."

I was continue to listen to him, as I have no word to spell, and no speech that I would think that I can motivated him.

"Do you know Amiene, that when I wrote this novel, I put my love to every knowledge that I gained, and I heard whispers of those knowledges. They said, spread us, spreads us into your book, so that we can help people, to achieve a new chapter of civilization."

Since then, I have no words, because then I realized that even I do not speak to him, but he, already speak to me...


and I was HIM... for every moment that has passed. The only sadness that appears right into my soul, was me alone, the one who keep motivated myself.

Did I?

There are nobody, but me.

Did I?