Ahad, Disember 31, 2006

Pay Per Post

Suddenly, I found a very special affiliate program. Do you know why? What you get in your mind when you read or hear this whisper:

"You write a post, and you get paid!"

That's a lie! You said that? Nope. This is a special business made by A very special business for blogger. Why you really need to enter this business? Just have your own paypal account and a blog that really active. You must write review about any product you like and you get paid. It's is as simple as that.

There are ranking about who got the highest earn from this job. Perhaps, one day my name will engraved in the top list. Who know that you know that I know something like that will happen? Do not underestimated me!

Since I start to involve in this matter. Whoo hoo... I must get myself approved first. Well, webmaster, if you're reading this. I hope you, well, I know you understand me.

I like to write review so...
I wonder if I...

JUST APPROVE ME!!! (It just a cry from my heart)
That's all. I am really looking to post
a review and then get paid
for that.

That's what we call pay per post.

Perhaps, this is how I expand myself as
an international blog reviewer.

No longer a Malaysian, Indonesian or Singaporean blog reviewer.
I am waiting for your approval, sir or madam.