Sabtu, Disember 27, 2008

I Believe That Good Person Will Meet A Good Soulmate

Today, Sundayscribbling give me one topic that can be controversy or peaceful writing for me. Well, it is depend on what matter that I will drop in this post. Some people call it post, some people call in article, some people call it journals. But it is depend on what we believe. OK. Let's check out some blog posts. This time I wont mention the name of the writer, but I will write somethings that will lead to a clue for that blogger.

She wrote a beautiful free verse of poem about God. I believe that God exist too.

The most comfort things about his post is about things happen for a reason. Yup, if there is no wind, the tree will not shaking. And I should seeking a blog post about karma.

There we go. An entry about karma. Talking about karma I believe that for every good thing, there will be a good reward. Good got good, bad got bad. Something just like that.

Most of all, I believe that Good Person are destined to be with Good Soulmate, in the name of love.

Well, can somebody guess which Sunday Scribblings bloggers belong too? Someone might say, I believe that belong too... yea. Yea. There are 3 bloggers included in above passages. All from Sundays Scribblings.

By the way, I would like to present this song to all Bloggers, especially from Sundays Scribblings. This is a sad song from the Malaysian film - Cinta (LOVE). The singer is Anuar Zain and this song title is 'Perpisahan' which mean 'Separation'.