Jumaat, Mei 16, 2008

What Make Your Love Sore?

I Understand Love
by Amiene Rev (C) 2008

I understand
what it mean
to love...

So I can stand
to break through wind
and scarce for the people
the who I love...

As I do understand
what it mean to love
Then, there exist no people
but only spirits.

NOTE: This is an English Practice entry. Every week, there should be an entry or post written in English. I think, I should not only practice English, but also other important languages such as German, French, Japan, Mandarin, Arabic and Java. Do I missed something?

"Love is untransferable" - Amiene Rev.

"Love is untransferable since it owned by one people, and love is like a hand, being grabbed by one or many others hands. The hands of people who need love but they can't take it from the one who provide love. Since love is untransferable, it can only be shared by others. You cannot take love from other people, since love is the only power that you can't persuaded to have. True love is pure, and it is not born by emotion. True love is produced through a heart that understand the truth, the balance of life, the rule, the concept of human. Love is responsible at first task. Avoid this task, and you never should say you owned a love." - Amiene Rev.

Human Class Love VS Beast Class Love

Amiene Rev said that love amongst human is differ than love amongst beast: "What make a human differ from beast? Beast's love is happening on lust task. Human's love is based on humanism / mature mind / responsible task. When human love someone, they have reason, base on humanism. But beast basically love others because of something important they could get from the others.

"For example. A human love other because there exist law and understanding about humanism. That make love is responsible. While a dog might love you as it's owner if you can provide it foods, shelters and others." - Amiene Rev.

"Friends are humans. Friends not beast. If you choose to love a human, you should love it from human-love definition. A human love others not because they have money, they have something special (Talents, good physical, influences, importance, speciality, etc.) but a human love others because of it is responsible to love others." - Amiene Rev.

"A beast will love other if they can get access to something that benefit itself. A human will continue to love someone because of the thought of humanism." - Amiene Rev.

So what are you, people? Human? or Beast?

Think deeply... since we are all, cannot easily call ourselves human...

Me, myself still thinking that I am not completely human, but still trying the best to be a human.

"... I'm new to this world, so God please guide me, to seek the Truth that lies here in, so then I can remain in heaven, at last." - Amiene Rev.