Rabu, Januari 02, 2008

Practice English For MUET: If Life Is Just Like

I should start practising English for MUET.

If life by Amiene Rec (C) 2007

If life is just like bread, then love is something we should spread on it.
If life is just like hell, then demon is something related to it.
If life is just like heaven, then we, as a human is something acting in it.

If life is just toy, then we who decide it fate.
If life is just like an insect, then we either take the honey or find a rose for it.

If life is just like milk, then drink it, and grow up, be a man.
If life is just like venom, then our spirit is the vaccine.

If like is just like bone, we break it but it will always heal.
If just is just like spirit, we ruin it, and we die.

I do not know if my English is correct or not.
I will make use of my blog to train myself.

"Sekiranya kamu berikan racun atau bisa kepadaku,
maka jangan lupa berikan penawarnya sekali." - Amiene Rev

"If you send me poison and venom, do not forget to bring me the cure" - Amiene Rev