Selasa, Mei 25, 2010

I'm Awake - The Other

It has been long time, I sleep. Now I'm awake. Perhaps, this is temporary. From the last date, it should have been around months.

I sleep. I let someone take over ME. But, somehow, I got strength to control this body. I found out that I has become a new person, with more focus on goal and work.

I might go back to sleep, for few months again. I wish before that, that some good stories are around, and I am having a good time in each story.

I am glad that I can make decision, and once again hold this body. But I understand, this should be temporary. I missed 2009. The days I awake, and then sleep.

When I'm awake, I'm in front a page with so many friend in there. That might be my new web profile. I approved many friend requests.

But somehow, I can tell myself, someone inside me, will not agree with what I'm doing. Well... the other might already fall, very tired and exhausted of life energy so that I can go out and play like this.

Time to go. Time to sleep again, and let the other hold back myself. Both will sleep.