Sabtu, Oktober 25, 2008

#134 - Picture Of Me - Another Blog Assignment

#134 -- "I don't like myself. I'm CRAZY ABOUT MYSELF!" -- Mae West. This week: bragging. What's awesome about you? You can pick one awesome thing, or list as many as you can. Don't be shy!

Wow! Actually, I just busy around with some business, so I left the Sunday Scribblings blog for few weeks. Most posts here were posted earlier. They just come out in time. But I think, I might need a real time post today. Let's have a KICK-START for today. You're talking about bragging right? OK. Let's brag for a joke. I am not totally Asian. I looked like young Dean Cain.

Yup. Actually Dean Cain is taller than me. But I have muscle and hard body like him, and my face are 70% look like him. By the way, Dean Cain is mix Asian and American. So it is same as me, my blood is a mix between Asian and European.

Really, when I was a school boy, there's group of girls trying to kiss me. And I got more than 60 (sixty) adopted sisters. But now, I prefer to be alone. There's story behind it, but I don't like to talk about it. It just because I am busier, now and more mature than before. I wonder why I need to take so many adopted sisters. I don't have time to spare to think all of them. But now I understand, I have an excellent leadership ability.

My mother said, "Which one is your girlfriend?". Yup. That's because I have too many girls around me. Nope. I am not a playboy. These girls are my friends. Hey, I have male friends also. I have my gang. We share some hobbies that the boys should do. Comics, PC Games, football, and others.

These girls will give me some gifts when it come to my birthday. When I got number one in school, the girls will give me gifts. I like girls. They like me. So, that's fair.

I am an athletic. Sport is my favourite. When it come for me to martial art's self defense show, the girls' eyes will put on me. My elder sister said, her friends said that I am very smart and good-looking guy. Wow!

When I was in primary school, I am starring in sprinter. I am good in soccer. I can play as goalkeeper or midfielder. I like midfielder because I can see the field and control the situation easily. I am fast in speed, since I am a sprinter, that give me benefit to defense and help in making scores. Sometimes I score.

Many people said I am multi-talent. Many girls and even boys made me as their icon, idol and inspiration subjects. No wonder there are many people look high at me. They see me as a person that they need to achieve. Legendary was born then.

I do not know why, everywhere I go, people love me. Guard, shopkeeper, cleaner, lecturer, teachers, old folks, childrens and others love me. It come to term, if you are kind, you will like me. If you're bad person, you will hate me. Haha.

But most of all, that is my story. Well. I don't think I did well in this assigment. Bragging. I done practice my English then. There must be some mistake. But this is only a practice.