Khamis, Mei 31, 2007

Nur Qistina Hayani - Suffering From Liver Cancer

Full Name : Nuur Qistina Hayani Binti Nazrol Hafiz
Date of Birth : 28 October 2006
Age : 6 months
Gender : Female

Nur Qistina Hayani is suffering from liver cancer or hepatoblastoma. What can a 6 months baby knows about this disease. She is right now going through the Chemotherapy process. The costs for Chemotherapy and Surgery will takes around RM 100,000.00 ( Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Thousands). She looks very healthy from the outside and for sure she does not understands what she is going through! We need your help to donate to us so we can help Qistina to live happily as any other childrens!

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